Choker: My Take On The Trend

Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian-West wore this trend late last year, I’ve been obsessed! I’ve always been a fan of Keeping Up The Kardashians and I saw her wearing this velvet choker on the show while she was still pregnant with Saint. Later on, more and more of my favourite celebrities wore the trend as seen on social media accounts. Continue reading “Choker: My Take On The Trend”

DIY: Cactus Mosaic Table


As promised, here’s my blog post about this DIY project of mine. This project was actually the result of my frustration of not finding the perfect print of tiles for my working table. I went to every hardware store here in Butuan, but I couldn’t find the one that I wanted. So the thought of making my own mosaic tile design came to mind.  Continue reading “DIY: Cactus Mosaic Table”

My Cactus and Succulents Collection

happy easter

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a peaceful and wonderful Holy Week. Aren’t my chick planters cute, they want to greet you all a Happy Easter! I don’t have any bunny planters so I guess these chicks and eggs will do. Continue reading “My Cactus and Succulents Collection”

Birthday Getaway


My attitude towards birthdays has changed ever since I’ve read a message from  Giuliana Rancic on her Instagram. “When you’re little, you look forward to them for the party and presents. As a teen and young adult, you crave them for the milestones like driving a car and finally turning 21. But as you get older, you start to dread them because they mean you are aging, something none of us can stop. And suddenly birthday sucks!” Continue reading “Birthday Getaway”