Is it too late to start a blog?

Hello blogging world! My name is Sheila from the small city of Butuan (pronounce as Boot-wan), Philippines.

Some of you might wanna ask what made me decide to start my own blog? And the question I also asked myself, “Is it too late to start a my own blog?” well for me there is really no rules to blogging and no age limit so I said to myself, why not. Some of my friends have encouraged me to start my own blog years a ago but I just didn’t feel the urge to do so until now.

My blog will be more about fashion and lifestyle. I’m no expert on fashion but I’ve always been into fashion ever since I was little and has been styling photo shoots for my own clothing line Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe (Instagram: @pinkaholicfs) since 2006. And not most of you know that I use to make customized fondant cakes back in 2001 but I stopped when I got married in 2009. Now I’m thinking of accepting orders again. (Will blog about my masterpieces soon.) Just recently I had been addicted to cactus and succulents and has been collecting them since July of last year. (Will blog about my collection soon too.)

Since this is my blog, then I guess I can just pretty much blog about anything I love and love to share thus my blog title SheiLoves.

Wish me luck guys! Hope that you will love my blog posts soon!

Much love,

Sheila 💗


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