Birthday Getaway


My attitude towards birthdays has changed ever since I’ve read a message from  Giuliana Rancic on her Instagram. “When you’re little, you look forward to them for the party and presents. As a teen and young adult, you crave them for the milestones like driving a car and finally turning 21. But as you get older, you start to dread them because they mean you are aging, something none of us can stop. And suddenly birthday sucks!”  That hit me. After my age number wasn’t on the calendar anymore, I cringed every time my birthday was up. But it got me thinking that there are many people in this world who are battling for their lives because of poverty, abuse and some serious illness… fighting their life just to live for another birthday or even for just a day, an hour or minutes even. I realised how lucky I am that God has blessed me another year to be with my family, husband and friends. Life is not perfect but there is always something to be grateful for. Just to be able to breathe is worth thankful for.

And so for this year, I celebrated my birthday for 3 days. Me and hubbybooboo (that’s what I call my husband) flew in to Cebu the day before my birthday which was like a last-minute decision to actually go on this trip.

We had a pre-birthday dinner at Tavolata with my mother-in-law (who happens to be in town), and of course my loves, my best friends for over a decade now, Antong and Goodjay (I’ll write another blog post about our dinner and my friends next). And on my special day we celebrate it at Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa.

Dress from Kendall & Kylie x Topshop , Sunglasses from Onkler, Bag from Chanel, Sandals from Zara



Thank you sis Antong for this wonderful birthday gift! Our room got upgraded to the ocean view since it was my birthday after all! We enjoyed our stay.


Ordered room service once we got inside our room, carbo-loading right before swimming. (Good luck sa swimsuit!).
shang bday cake
Thank you for my birthday cake Shangri-la and sis Antong for arranging everything up to our dinner! You are the best! We love you!

The next day we flew back home to Butuan to celebrate my birthday once again with my family at my parents house. Truly grateful to the Lord our God who blessed me another year of laughter, happiness and love I can share with my loved ones. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a blast! May you all have an awesome next birthday! God bless you all!


Much Love,

Sheila <3


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