My Cactus and Succulents Collection

happy easter

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a peaceful and wonderful Holy Week. Aren’t my chick planters cute, they want to greet you all a Happy Easter! I don’t have any bunny planters so I guess these chicks and eggs will do.

diy table1
Planters are from my online home and lifestyle shop Pinkaholic Home. Do follow us on Instagram.
This use to be our bar area but since me and hubbybooboo barely have any visitors at home and nobody drinks in the house, I transformed it into this lil garden nook.
Here is my custom made cacti designed mosaic working table. Our carpenter build the table from recycled wood while me and hubby did the mosaic tiles. I will blog about it next so stay tuned if you wanna know how we did it.
My dogs Fuchsia (a chihuahua) and Summer (a yorkshire terrier) are having a cac-tea party. Aren’t my babies cute?


Did you know that cacti grew flowers? Well, I only knew that when I started my collection.



Another custom cart build by our carpenter and then hubbybooboo finished everything with the wheels.


My love for Cactus and Succulents started around June 2015 when I stumbled upon a flower shop at Rockwell in one of my many trips to Manila. The fact that they are low maintenance (although tricky for first timers) and can be stored indoors made me decide to buy two of the pretty greens.

Then in a matter of weeks I got hooked! In that short period of time I have a little over a hundred of them. I just couldn’t stop buying, I always have the urge to buy atleast one or two dozens every week. I search high and low when I got back in Butuan since there are only limited suppliers here for cactus and succulents.

Since I travel to Manila almost every month it was not long that I got so many of them that I lost count after 300. I’ve also got addicted on buying cute and unique planters. So just imagine the excess baggage I have everytime I come home to Butuan. Planting and seeing how pretty they are just takes away stress and puts me in a very positive and serene place. Well, minus the one too many times getting spines stuck in my fingers. So please do wear some safety/rubber gloves every time you handle these prickly beauties. I will blog about tips on how to handle and repot them soon.

I’m really no expert on cactus and succulents, I lost quite a few pieces during my first few months until I get the hang of it.

Here are some tips on how to care for your cactus and succulents base on my experience and a little research. 

  • Use a fast draining soil for these babies. I recommend that you mix garden soil or potting soil with some pumice. (I use 60% soil, 40% pumice)
  • Do not over water them, unless you want to kill them. Hehe! I water mine once every 5days. Just to be safe you can check the soil if its dry or not with a wooden stick or with just your fingers before watering them. And people say that it is best to water them during the evening around 10pm but I water mine around 8pm since 10Pm is too late for me.
  • Put them in a place where there is enough light, but not direct sunlight. I notice that for succulents, they love the sunlight in the morning from 7-8am and in the afternoon like around 4-5pm but with a little shade from my sheer curtains inside the house and a little shade from the trees outside.
  • If you are using pots that doesn’t have a draining hole like some of mine, put some pebbles at the bottom of the pots before filling them with soil, or if you can have someone drill a hole then that’s better. That way excess water will not sit on your soil for so long which would result into killing your plant. The amount of water I use to water them is 1/4 water base on the size of the pot. The smaller the pot the lesser water you use.

As I’ve said earlier I’m no expert, I still consider myself as a newbie so if you guys have any other tips I would love to hear them. Do leave a comment below.

If you wanna know the names of each cactus and succulents, visit this site here.

That’s it for today guys, hope you love my mini collection of cactus and succulents. Do follow me on Instagram @sheiladytiu and @pinkaholichome, I will be selling some of my collections there and as well as the cute planters.


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