I Love You Beach


beach 5

What is it with the beach that makes most of us so calm and relax? That feeling of serenity when you hear the sound of the waves, the cool ocean breeze rushing through your skin, the heat of the sun that makes you want to…hide? Or is it just me? hahahah!  This photo was taken at around 10:00am, right before we checked out, so imagine the scorching heat pinching my skin. Hubbybooboo is more than obliged to take my photos when I found a shaded spot for him to stand and shoot away.

Gone are the days where I use to love partying at the beach with a massive crowd of people dancing to loud music. Getting old? Probably, but hey, age is but a number. Nowadays, I would prefer going to exclusive beaches where there are less people, no music but just the sound of the waves and wind, no parties but just the company of loved ones, family and good friends having stupendous conversation.

My love for the beach has grown more and more as I get older. If only I can share this love with Hubbybooboo then beach and I will see each other more often. Until then, I love you beach and see you real soon! 😘

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beach 3
Amazing view from Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa
With my forever love, my hubbybooboo Ryan.

Dress from The Tinsel Rack

Gladiator sandals from Zara

Hat from Uniqlo
Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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