Mr. Monkies: Not for boring people! 

Mr Monkies Original Pack

Calling all white sneakers fan out there! This blog is for you! I am a self-confessed sneakers lover. I myself have 5 pairs of white sneakers and there was this time when I wore sneakers everyday for 3 weeks straight. They are one of my most overused shoes in my closet. I love how versatile  white sneakers are, you can pair it with just about anything, a dress, a pair of jeans, shorts, sweats and even a wedding dress!

I am so stoked when I found out about this brand Mr. Monkies, it’s not just your typical pair of white sneakers, oh no it’s not! Remember when we were kids, when we just love to doodle on papers, shirts, walls, and yes, even on our shoes! Well, it’s about time Mr. Monkies is here. You can actually draw, erase, and draw again on these pair of white sneakers since it comes with 7 erasable markets. How awesome is that! It’s like your very own unique pair of sneakers, specially designed by YOU. Since I mention about a wedding dress earlier, wouldn’t it be cool to have a bride and groom wear a pair of their own custom made/drawn Mr. Monkies wedding shoes!

Oh, did I told you they are waterproof? The outsole of the sneakers is rubber and the upper is totally waterproof in P.U leather. So wearing white sneakers during the rainy days wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 2MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 3MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 4MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 5MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 6

MrMonkies - Brand Intro 2016 9

Mr Monkies

I’m so excited to show you guys my own design soon! That’s gonna be another blog post. So stay tuned! Grab your pair now  at and don’t forget to use my Voucher Code:  SHEILADYTIU to get a special 20% discount!

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Thank you for reading guys! Have a great weekend!

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