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Another one of my wedding cake masterpiece, this Chandelier Wedding Cake for my brother Mark’s wedding last June 4th 2015 here in Butuan City, Philippines. I think it is safe to say and I’m proud to say that this is the first Chandelier cake in Butuan City to date. It has always been a tradition of mine that I will be the one to make my siblings wedding cake as a gift. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to make one for my brother in law Randy for his wedding last April though because of schedule constraint. For my wedding back in 2009, I also made my very own wedding cake (will probably blog about my previous creations soon), oh yes I did. It was a good work out for me to be fit right before my wedding, hahaha.

It was last year that the chandelier cake became a trend or correct me if I am wrong.  I think the wedding of celebrity Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero had 3 chandelier wedding cakes hanging up the ceiling. And so I thought, the next design I will be making will be chandelier wedding cake, I put so much thought as to how I was going to execute it. I made my research and decided to make a stand where I will be hanging the chandelier cake. I mean it wouldn’t be called an actual chandelier cake if it’s not hanging upside down right?

I consulted my father about the structure of the cake stand. I made a sketch on what and how I wanted it to look like, but I have no idea on the right materials to be used so this was where my father’s help came handy and he explained this to our welder at our shop. So yes, I had the cake stand specially fabricated from our shop. As for the lights, that is where my husband came to help, hubbybooboo and his friend Dante Eduarte of Moyongs build up the LED lights for the cake.


I made some changes along the way from the sketch I made months prior. Every time I make a cake, there will always be a few bumps along the way. You just have to be really patient and always have a plan B or plan C whenever plan A doesn’t work out. It took our men at the shop 2 weeks to fabricate the cake stand, and less than a week to paint it. While it took me a few weeks to prepare and install the crystals of the cake, then  another 2 weeks to prepare the cake, all in all I’ll say the whole prep was done in 3 months for this cake. This is by far the most challenging cake delivery ever, since every layer of the cake needs to be assembled at the venue because transportation is very risky if the cake is already done in one piece. It took us (me, hubbybooboo, Antong and 5 other people) almost three hours to set up the cake with the lights all lit up. Trust me, it wasn’t easy!


All the stress and body soreness was all worth it seeing how beautiful the cake (sorry, I love my own guys) was standing and hanging at the centre of the reception (of course it had to be at centre right?). A labor of love for my brother Mark and my sister-in-law Krispee.

Wore a gown by Wendell Quisido, Bag from Chanel, Hair and Make up by Clint Alimpoos. It actually just took me an hour and a half to get all made up, since that is all the time I have left after delivering the cake. LOL

me and bff
With my best friend Antong. Thank you so much for coming to the wedding sis and for all your help.
me and hubby
I couldn’t have done it without you babes, thank you so much for supporting me every step of the way. I love you so much! 
I’ve been making fondant cakes since 2001 and when I got married, I decided to stop accepting cake orders since we were busy moving into our new house that time and with work. But if there’s any one who is interested to order this chandelier cake (in a different design of course) for their wedding, I might just be able to squeeze it in my schedule for this year. So for inquiries, please email me at [email protected] with your name, number, wedding date and venue. I’d love to make your wedding cake, if you let me.

​Hope you like today’s post guys! Have a sweet Sunday!Much Love,

Sheila πŸ’—


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  1. I really like your cake. Are you making the same one for others as well? I am looking for a cake supplier for my wedding next year. But we are from Manila.

  2. The cake! Who would have thought a fashion blogger like you can execute such a beautiful cake like this!!

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