Review: Rimowa Luggage Cover by Traveil


To all RIMOWA lovers and owners out there, this post is for you. If you are fussy like me about getting your luggage some scratches, coz you know how airlines can be when handling our luggage right after we checked in at the airport. Continue reading “Review: Rimowa Luggage Cover by Traveil”

Travel Diary: Day 2 CDO

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post on how I usually get car sick during road trips, so an overnight stay is a must for me when we went to Cagayan de Oro last weekend. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Day 2 CDO”

Travel Diary: Day 1 at CDO


Hubbybooboo and I went on a road trip to #cdo last Saturday. Butuan City is just a three hours drive to Cagayan de Oro City. So we left at around 9:00AM and I was just practically taking snaps on my snapchat (sheiladytiu) and taking some selfies most of the time while hubby is seriously on the wheels. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Day 1 at CDO”

REVIEW & SWATCH: Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit and Gloss


img_9877Sheiloves x fashionbandwagon

So last Sunday, me and my little sister Stephanie tried out ten shades of Kylie Cosmetics matte Lipkit and Gloss. And we wanna show you how these colors look when worn on our lips so we took a lot of #selfie or should I say #selfwe. Continue reading “REVIEW & SWATCH: Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit and Gloss”