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So last Sunday, me and my little sister Stephanie tried out ten shades of Kylie Cosmetics matte Lipkit and Gloss. And we wanna show you how these colors look when worn on our lips so we took a lot of #selfie or should I say #selfwe.  It’s has been three months since the first time I’ve ever tried the Kylie matte lipstick, if you still remember, I wore it on my #ootd post here. Posie K was my first shade of the #Kylielipkit and I love how highly pigmented the color and how easy it is to apply having the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. Some people doesn’t like the smell but I actually love the natural candy scent of it and I love that it doesn’t crack my lips like the other brands of matte lipstick I tried before. So after Posie K, I will set my alarms early morning just to get my hands on the always sold out lipstick. Now I have seven lipkits and three Glosses.


On me, Exposed. On my sister Dolce K.
On me: Exposed On sister: Dolce
This is Kylie Jenner’s favourite nude, Exposed.
On me: So Cute Gloss  On sister: Like Gloss
So Cute Gloss on me, this is the lightest among the first three glosses released. A warm nude beige color.
Candy K on me, Literally on my sister.
Candy K on my lips is like a combination of nude and pink, this is my favorite shade of all. 
Posie K on me and Mary Jo K on my sister. Check out my older post wearing Mary Jo K here.
Posie K on my lips here, is the berry shade that is almost fuchsia pink, the boldest shade of pink among the colors.
Koko K on me and True brown on my sister here.
Wearing Koko K on my lips. This is the pale pink shade. It gives a very sweet and soft look. 

For my Philippine readers, if you are still looking for local sellers selling these authentic Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick, check out Beauty Stash on Instagram. (It’s my sister’s by the way, so I can assure you that everything on her shop is authentic, beware of fake make ups, you never know what ingredients are used to make them.) I love that most of the Kylie lipkits ingredients are vegan (as posted on their website).

Check out my sisters blog here for all close up photos of the shades she wore during this selfie shoot.

Hope you guys find this post worthwhile.We had fun shooting selfies for this blog post.

So, which shade is your favorite? Hope you leave a comment below.

Have a great Sunday guys!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗💋

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