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To all RIMOWA lovers and owners out there, this post is for you. If you are fussy like me about getting your luggage some scratches, coz you know how airlines can be when handling our luggage right after we checked in at the airport. They just practically toss our bags in the air and doesn’t care about our luggage getting dirty, dented or scratched, I guess that is not part of their job or does it? Although there are also some people who doesn’t care about getting their Rimowa luggage scratched and dented coz it will just show how much of a frequent traveller they are and it would only show how durable and reliable these luggages are too. Well, I guess I belong to the those people who loves their luggage looking like brand new every time they travel.

Now here comes Traveil Rimowa luggage cover to the rescue. Traveil makes custom made transparent, high quality PVC covers for your RIMOWA luggage. Just send them the model number of your Rimowa and they can make your custom covers in just 5 to 7days. The cover comes in a very neat packaging  as shown on photos below. The quality is really good when it comes to the materials used and the stitching on this cover. And of course the fit! The fit is just perfect, as if your Rimowa went to a seamstress and had his body measured. It is just so easy to put on the cover since it has a zipper, it’s like your just simply putting on a shirt to your Rimowa. Traveil protects your RIMOWA luggage from unwanted scratches and dirt.



Luggage: RIMOWA Salsa, Shoes: Harlan and Holden, Hat: River Island, Jacket: Stradivarius

One more thing  I love about this Traveil cover is that you don’t have to remove it when you need to open your luggage since it has a zipper along the opening sides of your Rimowa. Unlike those fabric luggage covers that are popular right now, which is what I use before, is that you have to take it off when you need to open your luggage and put it back on again. It just takes so much time and effort to do so, specially when you are late for your flight and you forgot something to put inside your luggage or take out from it.

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