DIY: How To Make A Diaper Cake

Finally got to blog about this diaper cake I made for my sister’s baby shower couple of months ago. You have probably seen my post about her shower on my Instagram @sheiladytiu. I actually made a couple of diaper cakes before as gifts to my relatives and friends who had their first born. It was usually the traditional two or three tiered diaper cake and so this time I thought I should make something different specially for my sister. Since she was having a boy, I made a truck out of diapers. And voila, a truck diaper cake. I really don’t know why they call this diaper cake a cake, when it isn’t a real cake after all. Honestly the first time I heard about a diaper cake was like ages ago, and I really thought it was an edible cake. I remember this episode of Sex and The City series when the girls went to a baby shower and brought a diaper cake. I can’t remember what episode and season it was but that was actually the first time I saw a diaper cake and so I Googled it to know if it is really a real cake or just diapers shape into a cake.

Here are the things you need to make this diaper cake.


  • A box board 24″ x 20″
  • Styrofoam 24″ x 20″
  • 2 sheets Gift Wrapper
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • double sided tape



  • 104 pieces (2 bags) of Diapers (any brand will do)
  • 3 pieces receiving blankets or towel
  • bibs
  • 4 pieces face towel
  • toys (optional)
  • 6 pcs. baby bottle screw cap (for the wheels)
  • about 3 meters ribbon


Step 1: Tape together the box board and styrofoam and wrap it with a gift wrapper.


Step 2: For the lower body of the truck (A), wrap about 50 pieces of diapers with one receiving blanket or towel leaving the front and back sides uncovered. Secure with a ribbon.

Step 3: For the upper part of the truck, like a windshield (B), wrap about 15pieces of diapers with another receiving blanket covering all sides this time and securing it with a ribbon.


Step 4:  Roll 2 pieces of diapers and put it in front of A which will serve as the head lights by placing it on the side ends.

Step 5: Place a bib of your choice as the bumper of your truck in front of A.DSCF4832

Step 6: Place B on top of and secure both parts with another receiving blanket/towel and a ribbon to hold it together.


Step 7: For the wheels of the truck (C), wrap 6 pieces of rolled diapers with a face towel leaving the front and back side uncovered. Just simply fold the face towel in half and wrap it around the rolled diapers and secure it with a ribbon.


Step 8: To elevate the height of the truck, wrap remaining diapers with another receiving blanket, covering all sides again. Size should be smaller than A. Then place this underneath and securing it with a double sided tape from the base board to refrain it from moving.


Step 9: Assemble all the body parts of the truck as seen on the photo, securing it with the use of a double side tape so everything sticks to the board.

Step 10: Here comes the fun part, DECORATE! Place the bottle screw cap on the wheels by inserting it on one of the rolled out diaper and decorate the diaper cake with toys like what I did on the photos or you may also choose to decorate your diaper cake with toiletries like baby shampoo, powder, soaps and other baby stuff there is. There are a lot of choices you can pick out in the baby’s section of a department store so be creative and use your imagination.

And there you go! Your very own custom made  #DIY Diaper Cake. I actually went all out for this project so I made really big but you can choose to make it smaller. The actual cost of this Diaper cake is a little over three thousand pesos since I choose a battery operated giraffe as the toy decoration that probably took 30% of the total cost and obviously the size of this diaper is really big too. You can also choose to buy a less expensive towels and receiving blankets and a less expensive brand of diapers, and make a smaller size diaper cake depending on your budget. But since this one is for my own sister, I went all out on this. 

Hope you find this post helpful. Diaper cakes are really practical gifts since newborn babies use an average of 6 diapers daily. So the next time you attend a baby shower or baptismal, you already have a gift in mind, and make it even special by making it yourself. 

Have a great weekend guys! Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Sheila đŸ’—


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