Travel Diary: My Arrival in Seoul


Annyeong Haseyo! It’s my first time to visit Korea with my best friend Antong and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. We love everything about our short trip to Seoul, South Korea. There are lots of beautiful places to see but since we only have four days, I basically made our itinerary ahead and choose which places we wanted to go to. We didn’t have any tour guide and didn’t book any tour so I must admit we got lost in transportation a few times, mostly making the wrong stop and taking the wrong train since the signs were confusing at first. But all that is part of what made this trip super fun. I must say that I have a good sense of direction, just give me a map then I can be able to manage my way. It’s both our first time to travel to this beautiful country and also our first time to travel together outside the country.

So for this post, it is the day we arrived at Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea. The flight from Cebu (Philippines) to Seoul was about four hours and twenty five minutes. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post here, our flight was at 1:35AM and so we check ourselves in a couple of hours earlier from our flight at Waterfront Hotel Mactan so we can have a good nap before heading to the airport. We took Korean Air and It’s also my first ride with this airline and I love the service and the crew. The flight attendants have the prettiest scarves and head pieces that I love. The only con to this flight was the time schedule, the schedule to depart from Cebu was 1:35AM (local time) and arrives in Seoul at 7:00AM (local time). We got delayed for an hour and 10 minutes and I wasn’t able to get some sleep during the entire flight despite having my neck pillow. So I ended up watching two movies and I was practically in zombie mode by the time we arrive in Seoul. So upon arriving, I didn’t get to take so much photos, coz when we were in the bus on the way to our hotel, my eyes practically just want to shut down, hahah!


Since the flight is more than four hours I opt to wear the comfiest outfit. This drawstring pants are practically like a pajama, paired it with a cropped tank top and a very light shirt dress that I worn as an outerwear so I can easily move around my seat in the plane. Also you need to consider the weather when you travel, it is both summer time in Cebu and Seoul and it was pretty humid when we arrived. So my outfit was just on point.

Crop top from H&M, Drawstring pants from Sfera, Dress (worn as cover up) from Monki (old), Shoes is Adidas Superstar, Bag from Louis Vuitton, Luggage from Rimowa, Luggage cover from Traveil, Sunglasses from Linda Farrow


My bare naked face, I only have lipstick on (wearing Inglot Lip crayon #17), thank God for sunglasses.


Loving my new hair color by Josie of Piandre Salon, Cebu. (Oh yes, I was able to squeeze in time to get my hair done within my 16 hours stay in Cebu.)


All smiles when I saw these giant cactus at the arrival hall at Incheon Airport. I wanna take them all home with me.


This is the only photo I took while I was on the bus from Incheon airport to our hotel in Myeongdong. Bus ride was about one hour and thirty minutes and the bus fare is 15,000 won that’s about 675 pesos. (Sleepy mode on)
So this is Myeongdong! Ahhh.. love at first sight.




We arrived at our hotel in Myeongdong at around 11:00AM and as we all know that check in time is at 2:00PM and they refuse to check us in early even when we offered to pay extra. So we just go around the area to find a place where we can have lunch and explore the place. For those who are not familiar with Myeongdong, it is where most of the Korean cosmetic shops are. Like anywhere you look there are face masks, bb creams and so much beauty products. Tons of Korean brand cosmetics including my favorite Innisfree, lots of streetfood and shops. And of course, we got distracted from all of the many shops in the area, that it was already 2:00PM before we know it. So we head back to our hotel and hit the bed straight and got that much needed nap.

So till my next post guys, it’s gonna be all about this pink and cute cafe that we went to after our nap, if you followed me on Instagram and Snapchat (sheiladytiu) then I guess you know what cafe I am talking about. So stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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