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Day two of our Korea trip, we went to Lotte World Adventure. It is the largest indoor theme park in the world. It was super hot and humid in Seoul that day so thank God for indoor theme parks. We took the train from Myeongdong station to Jamsil station where Lotte World is. Upon arriving at Lotte World, we got distracted from the many shops along the way as we were walking towards the entrance of Lotte World Adventure. And to our surprise the under ground level shops where we were at was practically just a portion of a huge mall connecting all the buildings at Lotte World. There is pretty much everything in this place, now I know why it’s called Lotte WORLD since it has practically everything from shopping, food, hotel and a theme park.

Aside from the indoor theme park, there is also an aquarium and so many other huge rides and attractions outside the theme park called the Magic Island which we had no plans in riding since we are a “looser” like that (I know I know, hearing people scream from the rides doesn’t envy me at all). I get motion sickness, so roller coaster rides are my worst enemy, so I’m good with all the kiddie rides like the merry-go-around, teacups and bump cars. (Sad, I know!) But seeing the place is already good enough for me, I just love exploring new places. Probably if hubby was with us, he will be the first one in line to ride all those heart pounding and dizzy rides. 


Of course we came prepared with our weapons of choice that day.
Brown hat from H&M, Portable fans from Atchcatch, Black & white hat from Zara (old), Umbrella from H&M, Iphone case from Wild Heart, Sunblock Spray from Tony Moly


I just have to ride this merry-go-around where the famous Korean drama Stairway to Heaven shoot. (plus it doesn’t make me dizzy so yahoo!)



Outfit details: Zara dress (old), Adidas Superstar shoes, Chanel bag, Linda Farrow sunnies, Broadway Gems choker, Precious Metals SDT initial necklace


We pretty much had a great experience at Lotte World. It is my first time to experience an indoor theme park and the fact that it was summer time in Korea when we visit this place, having an air-conditioned theme park was such an ease. Since we didn’t took all the rides outdoors and pretty much just had photos taken and took some snaps for maybe less than an hour outside. The heat of the sun was just too harsh that we had to head back indoors to cool down. It was 34 degrees celsius that day but it felt like 41 degrees. You can visit Lotte World’s website here for all the rides and attractions they have to offer. If you love theme parks, then you must visit Lotte World Adventure when you go to Seoul, South Korea.

Till my next post guys. Have a fun filled day!

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