My Planting Buddies

Hello Guys! It’s been a while since I last blog about gardening and my collection of cactus and succulents. See my previous post here and here. So today, I wanna share with you the tools I use in my mini garden.


Above are my planting buddies:

  • Water bottle/sprayer
  • Rubber Gloves (I don’t use the gardening gloves since the thorns from the cactus snag the fabric)
  • Small pout watering container
  • Kitchen Tongs  (yes, a kitchen tong, a very useful tool when handling prickly cacti)
  • My colourful set of gardening tools to mix and scoop the soil
  • Paint brush (to clean up the soil from the my cactus and succulents

You can find most of these items at your local hardware store in the gardening section.


I use this tool to mix my garden soil with “dagami” or pumice for better drainage for you cactus and succulents. 


My kitchen tongs are such a savior, just saves my fingers from all those prickly cacti. It makes planting and repotting much easier. 
Brushing off excess soil from the pot. 


Using a small spout water container let’s you control the amount of water you pour. Here’s tip, if you not sure about the amount of water to give your plant, you should consider the size of the pot your plant is in. I usually give 1/4  amount of water base on the size of the pot.  The smaller the pot the lesser the water. 


Just wanna share with you guys what I use to mix my soil for my cactus and succulents. I usually mix 1 part garden and 1 part pumice or dagami. 


Pumice – bought this one at Cedar Hills in Quezon City, during one of trips to Manila.

I don’t know what this called but They call this “Dagami” here in my hometown (Butuan City). This is a good alternative from the pumice if you can’t find that locally, for sure you can get this “dagami” at any local gardening shop. 


Ever since I saw those huge cactus at the Incheon airport from my previous blog here, I’m now obsessed with acquiring giant cactus. Good luck on that!

Hope you find this post helpful guys! Till next time! I still got tons of photos to post from my Korea trip so hope you’ll stay tuned for that.

Much Love,

Sheila 💗🌵
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