Travel Diary: Dongdaemun – Seoul, Korea


Had a beautiful night strolling along Dongdaemun right after  My Lotte World Adventure. We first went to Doota, just one of the many shopping malls around the Dongdaemun area, to grab something to eat and perhaps did a little shopping. This mall had so many cute stuff and I literally went fashion high seeing all the clothes from the amazing local designers. I so love korean fashion, they have the trendiest style and the clothes are at very good quality as well, although most of it are really out of my budget (bummer$$$$).  Here’s a shopping tip: some stores/shops at Dongdaemun sells similar items at some shops in Myeongdong that are 10-20% less at Myeongdong. So shop wisely and enjoy!

After enjoying the cool air-condition at the mall and some little shopping. We went out and head across to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), which is just right across Doota. DDP is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. Located at the center of the Dongdaemun, this amazing architectural building is such a beauty at night with all the lights and it’s so huge. The DDP comprised of five halls: Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Design Market, and Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.  We didn’t went inside to all the halls since we were already pretty tired since we had a long day. So we just enjoyed the view and took photos of this amazing building as we walk along the way. And ended the amazing night taking a taxi on the way back to our hotel.




With my bestfriend Antong. So much memories sis! Thanks for taking all my photos and videos as always.
That’s it for today guys! Hope you are not getting bored reading all my travel diary from my Korea trip. I still have some more photos to post so I hope you’ll stand by me. 

Have an awesome week ahead guys!

Much Love,

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