Five Halloween Costume Ideas


Who will you be this Halloween season? I must say that Halloween is one of the most fun events of the year just because we can dress up in costumes in either fun, sexy, spooky or just by own creative little ways, dress as a burger for all we care or simply just dress up as our favorite celebrity. I’ve been wanting to get a onesie and it so perfect that I stumbled upon this online shop, Eazy Fashion, who has a lot of cute onesies. I was torn between the Minion and this Unicorn since I’ve been obsessed with these two lately. I ended up getting the unicorn because of the color. Isn’t it cute? I just had to shoot it beside my unicorn plush backpack I got from Universal Studios Singapore last year. It’s actually from the movie Despicable Me. “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” oh that famous line.


Unicorn onesie from Eazy Fashion available here.

Here are 5 Halloween ideas for you to choose from if you still haven’t decided on your costume this year yet.

1. For the FUN and KID-FRIENDLY

Here are more onesies for you to choose. Imagine your whole family wearing onesies on Halloween, how fun would that be? (Click on the photo to be redirected and to shop.)

hello-kitty-onesie    elmo-cookie    skeleton-onesieminion-onesie      elephant.jpg


2. For the SEXY ONES

If you wanna show off a little skin then these costumes are definitely for you. You can shop most of these pieces online. (Click on the photo to be redirected and to shop.)

black-angel      mermaid  fairylolita


hmprod      wonder-woman

3. It’s all in the HEAD-band

If you still wanna be sexy and comfortable wearing just your usual casual dresses, then all you need is the perfect accessory or a piece of headband.

hmprod-3       hmprod-2


4. CLOSET CHECK: Channeling Britney Spears

No budget to buy a costume? Go check your closet quick! Pretty sure you have a school girl outfit in your closet that you don’t know about. A plain or plaid A-line skirt, a white button down shirt, knee high socks and a black shoes. And there instant costume! Take Britney Spears as an inspiration from her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” music video. If your lacking a piece or two, go borrow from your friend, sister, or a neighbor. Good Luck!


Key pieces: Button Down Shirt, Cardigan, Black Skirt, Knee High Socks, Black Shoes, and don’t forget a pink hair accessory for your pig-tails  and a back pack from your little sister, or niece or neighbor that you can borrow to complete your look.


So if you really just wanna wear just any outfit you like from your closet and don’t have a budget at all. Then this look is for you. Go all out on your MAKEUP! Go crazy and get inspirations from these makeup looks from Pinterest below.


So have you decided what or who you’ll be for this years halloween yet? Hope you find this post helpful! Let me know which one is your favorite by writing a comment down below. Thanks for reading guys!

Have a spooktacular weekend!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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  1. That unicorn onesie looks so comfy haha! I don’t think I’ll be doing anything for Halloween this year but I’d probably dress up as a character from the Netflix series Stranger Things!

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