How To Wrap Gifts Extra Special

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I have been wrapping gifts ever since I was in grade school. My parents has so many Godchildren that me and my mom wrapped gifts together during Christmas time. And later on when I was in college, I was the one left in charge of the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping by myself. I also have this obsession with gift wrappers since then. Every time I see pretty wrappers from bookstore and department stores, I buy a couple of sheets and save atleast two and keep them. Now I have a bunch of wrappers, old and new. I never run out of gift wrappers at home. At one point, I thought of opening up my own gift wrapping shop where people can have their gifts beautifully wrap by me. But that was just a 16 years old me talking.

For this post, just wanna share with you guys how you can wrap gifts extra special and that’s pocket friendly too. The thought of you putting an extra time and effort to wrap gifts for your loved ones is just special. Making them feel extra loved with your extra special wrapped gifts.

Here are few simple ways and ideas for you.


  1. A pair of scissors
  2. Scotch tape
  3. Gift wrappers – I love simple printed wrappers or plain ones.
  4. ribbons, yarns, twines and the like
  5. Mini christmas ornaments (you can buy at your local department stores or craft stores)
  6. Japanese paper (optional)



TIP#1: This corrugated brown box is already pretty as it is, there’s no need to wrap this one, see photo below on how I decorated this gift box.


gift wrappers

TIP #2: Aside from using traditional gift wrappers, you can also use this craft paper (the brown one that looks like a manila paper shown above ). This craft paper is very affordable and it’s size is equivalent to two gift wrappers.  


TIP #3: Aside from ribbons, you can use yarns, twines, lambo or just anything you use to tie gifts. Always have ribbons in red and gold color on hand since these are the primary colors for his or her in any occasion. 

mini christmas ornaments

TIP #4: Those tiny Christmas ornaments in all shapes and designs you see in the department stores that you know is just too small for your tree will be the perfect decorations for your gifts. I bought these on sale years ago, buy one take one, at HandyMan and Daiso.

gift tags

TIP #5: Use hanging gift tags instead of the usual stick on gift cards.


STEP #1: After wrapping your gift with your chosen wrapper. Tie a ribbon of your choice as shown below, ending by cutting the ends of the ribbon. 

STEP #2: Pick the ornament of your choice, since I use the craft paper and gold ribbon, I choose to use red ornaments for a pop of color and contrast. You can use one or more ornaments, here I use three and tie it around the center of the ribbon.

STEP #3: Add the hanging gift tag by tying it around the ribbon as well using a separate tie.

Voila! Here’s the finished look!

gift wrapping tips

Here are more photos below to give you ideas. Enjoy!

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Hope you like today’s post guys! And I hope you are having fun doing your Christmas shopping and that you’ll have more fun wrapping them using my tips. Happy gift wrapping guys!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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    1. Thank you Dani! Yah, that’s practically the easiest way. My Husband also told me to buy a gift bag too and that’s it. Coz I always make a mess in our room when I wrap gifts. hahah.

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