How Do We Cope With Loosing A Pet?

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I am writing this blog post with a heavy heart. I lost my best friend of thirteen years the other day. January 4th, 2017 has been the saddest day of my life to date. My beloved pet Fuchsia, a long haired Chihuahua, whom I treat like a baby has gone to heaven. Some people might think I’m crazy and over acting for grieving on “just a dog” and some would even laugh just because I cry about a dead dog. I guess only dog lovers can relate and would understand the pain that you go through of dealing with such a loss. For me, Fuchsia was not just a dog. She was my best friend who was always there with me through the ups and downs way before me and my husband were girlfriend and boyfriend.

Maybe I expected Fuchsia to live for fifteen years that’s why I was not ready for her passing. It was before Christmas day that I thought she was  just having her usual period. And then on the 28th I have noticed that the bleeding was really heavy and I was alarmed and it was not until the 29th that I brought her to the vet to have her check because she wasn’t going up and down the stairs anymore so I knew something was wrong.

She was initially given IV by the vet since she wasn’t eating that much also and it was not until January 2nd that she got X-rayed because of the long holiday. And there we saw, her reproduction organs were all swollen and there were a lot of polyps and she was already having blood loss. The vet said she won’t survived a major surgery since she is already old and also for the fact that the vet clinics here in Butuan are not well equipped to do the kind of surgery for older and small dogs. She was also very weak if I fly her to Manila. She was scheduled for blood transfusion the next day after but I know it will just replace the blood loss and not heal her. I didn’t want any more needles poking her tiny veins and adding more pain from all the injections she was having.

On January third I knew she was really in pain even with the pain killers coz I heard her cry a little. My friend Antong also experienced the same kind of illness with her dog over a year ago and she said she remember her dog crying so much until her last dying breath. I really don’t want to hear Fuchsia’s loud cry as my last moments with her, so me and my husband talked and decided to put her to sleep so she won’t suffer all the pain anymore and prolong her agony. It was the hardest decision I made. I was just by her side the day and night before talking to her like she was a child. She was really so weak and getting so thin I can feel here bones, and she was already having a difficult time breathing. I was crying the whole time and told her constantly that I love her and that she should go. I know she knows how much we loved her.

Part of me really died with her because she was just part of my daily routine. Since it is just me, my husband in our house, we treat her and Summer, a Yorkshire Terrier like our babies at home. Every corner of our house reminds me of her.

Here are 12 things I missed about her: 

  1. Her high pitch voice waking you up every morning coz she wants you to open the door. 
  2. Her cute fingers poking your legs every time she ask for the the food you are eating. 
  3. Her, always scrambling the dog bowl whenever the her water runs out.
  4. She is my daily car passenger.
  5.  Her cute face looking out the window of your car.
  6. She goes to the office with me everyday and sleep inside my table drawer.
  7.  She also goes to the construction sites with me and acts like my personal assistant coz she just follows me around and doesn’t leave my side or go far where I can’t see her. 
  8. She jumps for joy to see me every time I come home from short or long trips out of town. 
  9. Her cute fluffy butt that looks like a rabbit when she runs.
  10. I will miss our hide and seek game. I hide, she seeks. She always jumps with happiness every time she finds me.
  11. She sleeps beside me at home while I am alone and sick. 
  12. She and Summer are my companion every time my husband is out. 

So how do we really cope with loosing a pet?  First of all, we always have to remind ourselves that dogs don’t live long like us. Some dogs live only for 10 years, while average is 12 years, while some 14years, and some 18years or more depending on the dog breed.

I Got Two Options:

  1. Should I buy another dog to replace the loss?
  2.  Should I stop myself from getting another dog for the fear of loosing them again and again. 

That it the question I ask of you guys.  Because, I don’t know which choice to pick.

Fuchsia, Born: December 10, 2003, Died: January 4, 2017

I guess only time heal all wounds. Whether I will buy another dog or not. Fuchsia will forever be in my heart and no one can replace her. And all I can say to all the dog lovers out there, if you love your dogs as much as I do, take them to the Vet regularly, and take lots of photos and video of your pet. Coz every time I look at them now, it always gives me a smile. Hug and kiss them everyday.

Above was our last family photo taken last month when she was still okay. To our beloved Fuchsia the Chihuahua, We love you so much and we will truly miss you so much.

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

4 thoughts on “How Do We Cope With Loosing A Pet?

  1. Dear Shei, I understand the amount of pain you’re going through, I just recently lost my Teodoro, and I still miss him everyday, I feel so lonely without him, so I can only imagine what you must be feeling, I send big hugs to you, losing a pet is always an awful thing because they’re just so loved by some of us, like you and me, I think you should wait a little bit, and in time find another furry friend to brighten your life, at least, that’s what I’m still doing 🙂 <3 lots of love.


    1. Thank you for the love Dani! And I’m sorry about your Teodoro. The pain is really unbearable coz we them so much. Once you find your new furry friend, do share it with us. Would love to see it on your blog. Hugggssss Dani! 🤗😘💗

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