Eight Years Of Marriage

I can’t believe it has been eight years since the day I said: “I do!”. As I was going through our wedding album yesterday, I can still remember being so stressed out days before my wedding because of the bad weather and canceled flights. Most of my wedding suppliers and some of my special guests are from out of town so imagine not having flowers, no coordinator, no photographer and videographer, no maid of honor, incomplete set of principal and secondary sponsors,  and some relatives too. But God is good, everything works out in the end. Being a control freak that I am, I was able to just let everything go as it flows and let my wedding coordinator and her team in control that day as what we have in plan. And with that said, I was able to just enjoy every single moment of it.

Let me share with you some of my wedding photos eight years ago, January 24, 2009. (Hubby is shy, so I’ll just post a few photos with him on it.)

R & S - 0069 R & S - 0097 R & S - 0725

R & S - 1225

It was raining so we only get to shoot our wedding portrait indoors at my parents’ house. This is my favorite.

R & S - 1292 (1) R & S - 1318

Believe it or not, I made my own five feet tall wedding cake. Yes, I made it myself together with two household help. (See, I’m such a control freak, I didn’t let anyone make it.)

Here’s an advice to all brides to be out there:

  1.  Get the best suppliers in town if not out of town.
  2. Don’t expect every detail of your wedding to be perfect, learn to let go and just enjoy the moment or else you will just be stressed out.
  3. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, as long as it is within your budget or don’t let anyone dictate you on your wedding plans. If you have a vision, then go with it, you will only get married once.

So what has change over the eight years of our marriage? I think there’s only one thing that has changed, our love. The love we have for each other has grown stronger and deeper. I have the most understanding and loving husband in the world. He never failed to tell me how beautiful I am every single day even if I just woke up in the morning with a big zit on my nose. We never hung up the phone without saying “I love you”. He tells me how lucky he is to be my husband even if I don’t cook at all (I should really start using all those pots and pans in the kitchen). 

As a couple, I think you have your likes and dislikes about your spouses. I think it was during our third year that I begin hating some of my husband’s bad habits and he also hates some of mine. Best way to deal with it is to tell your partner honestly and compromise. And you both should have a set of rules in the house. But trust me, those rules will be sometimes be broken like having your dining area turned into a stock room for 3years now. Hahaha! He always says, he will deal with it “next week”, well that’s one hundred forty-four weeks after babes?

We always argue about the silliest things in our house and we even fight over the amount of space we share in our king size bed. I wanted 2/3 of the bed since I sleep with five pillows, but now it’s 50/50, I get to keep the five pillows still. See, compromise. Hehehe!

Eight wonderful years, still no kids, but we are both truly happy with all the blessings that we have. Having each other and treating each other with love, kindness, and respect is truly a blessing from above. Focus and appreciate the things that you have rather than dwell on what you do not have, acceptance and contentment is happiness in it truest form. And not to mention having a very supportive and loving family, we are lucky.
“Marriage does not guarantee that you will be together forever, it’s only paper. It takes Love, Respect, Trust, Understanding, Friendship, and Faith in your relationship to last.”

To my Hubbybooboo, Happy 8th-anniversary babes! I love you so much. Thank you for loving me the way that you do. And thank you for the bouquet of flowers, you surprised me again.😘

Much Love,

Sheila 💗



Photography: Lito Sy Team Davao (all photos are raw and unedited)

Wedding Gown and Groom’s suit: Jun Escario

Wedding coordination: Stanz Catalan 

Florist: Pink Flora (Cebu)

Hair and Makeup: Vanessa Gamus

Cake: yours truly 😉

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