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Have you ever wanted to try a product first without actually paying for it? We all have different types of skin and what might work for me might not work for you. Before I buy products I would mostly rely on reviews online but sometimes when you are already at the store you just have an option to buy and rely on the sales consultant views which we know is fairly bias (I mean it is her job to sell us the product, right?). And most products are not available in small or travel or samples sizes, the only option is to buy a full sized product. I have a lot of beauty products I ended up giving away since my skin had an allergic reaction to it, I mean such a waste of money right? Don’t you just hate that?

Well,  Sample Room, is here to the rescue. Sample Room is one of the country’s top online site where you can get sample products for free. You can also read a lot of product reviews and beauty how-to’s from different people as well. Now you don’t have to waste money on products that do not work for you.

Here’s my loot from the Sample Room that the team has picked out for me below:



Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser: This is my favorite from my loot. I love this brand and I actually have this in body lotion form.

DSCF0894halfsize Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen: I’m actually surprised to know that Belo has this product. It’s paraben free and fragrance-free Although I’m not so sure about the “medium to deep ” shade of this one. Will let you know soon. 


Cream Silk hair fall defense conditioner: I actually haven’t tried this brand, so I’m kinda excited to try this one out. 


Olay Skin Whitening Bar Soap: When I open my package it was very fragrant that I knew there must be a soap in it. This is probably the only product in my loot that I won’t be trying since I am allergic to fragrance. See, we all have different product requirements. I don’t even wear any perfumed or else I’ll probably end up in the hospital(sadly).


Shades Cream Hair Dye: Another interesting product from my loot is this one. I mean you all know I color my hair right? But I never ever tried coloring my hair at home or by myself. And I normally asked for aammonia-freedyes since I’m allergic to ammonia. I love that this product is safe and free from harmful chemicals. 

I will be posting my reviews of all these products (except for the Olay soap maybe) at The Sample Room’s site or maybe here too once I tried them out for a week.

Thank you Sample Room team for this amazing experience. Can’t wait to try out some of the other products.

You too can get your very own sample by doing this easy steps here. Have fun!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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