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So I have been asked a lot of times what camera I have been using for my #OOTD shoots and on most of my social media post. And now I’m finally sharing it with you guys. When I started my blog last March 2016, I had been using my Fujifilm XA2. I use to have the big DSLR camera but it was just too heavy to carry around on my shoulders. I just love that theFujifim XA2 is so compact, light weight and easy to use. Since I’m not techie and I have no patience on setting cameras. I mean I’m really no expert when it comes to cameras, let’s be clear on that. The only setting I use is the Auto mode and Night Mode and also SR+ for selfies and basically just adjust the aperture up or down depending on the light conditions and that’s it! My mom, my husband, our driver, our helper and even our janitor are the ones taking my photos most of the time. I just show them the frame that I wanted them to take and then they just point and shoot.

Later on I bought the Fujinon 35mm F2 lens. The lens is small, lighter weight than the original lens kit and it works better at low light. And if you ever wonder how I blur out the backgrounds on my photos, well, this is why. This lens is everything, it’s the only lens I carry around with me.

I switched to the new Fujifilm XA3 last December because of the remote and touch screen feature and it is also better with low light compared to the XA2. Still using the same settings, auto, night and SR+ mode mostly with my 35mm F2 lens.

Photos below taken by my Iphone7.

img_5362 img_5361 img_5360

Here’s a recap of the photos for the past year using my Fujifilm XA2.


Mirror selfie using my old Fujifilm XA2 with the 16mm to 50mm lens, taken indoors with yellow light.


 Selfie using my old Fujifilm XA2 with the 16mm to 50mm lens, outdoors in natural daylight.

Below are photos taken the XA2 with the 35mm F2 lens.


Photographed by my mom.


Photographed by my hubby.


Photographed by my best friend Antong.


Photographed by our household helper.



Baked 60% chocolate moelleux, sea salt & vanilla ice-cream

This one below is taken by our driver using my new Fujifilm XA3 with 35mm F2 lens,


The last three outfit and style post was already shot using the new XA3 camera. And so will be the new ones since I already sold my XA2.

And by the way, here’s a tip, when you ask someone to take a photo of you full body, kindly ask them to kneel down and shoot from that angle upward so it will give you added height.

This blog is purely about my personal preference and I hope that answers most of your questions about my photos. I still need to improve it though, right? I thought of taking a photography workshop before but I didn’t find the time to sign up for it. So till next time!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


*This post is not sponsored by Fujifilm, and I am not at liberty to endorsed any of their products.*


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