Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mr. And Mrs.

Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you still haven’t got your partner anything for hearts day then I have a few gift suggestions for you. Make sure you to let your husbands read this post too, yes, that’s right! Husbands included.  

I know every wife or girlfriend will be happy and delighted to receive any of my gift suggestions below. Just click on the photos to be re-directed and if you want to shop right away.

Gifts For the Mrs. (husbands, take note!)

                     estee lauder color envy lipstick  estee lauder night repair

Estee Lauder Pure Envy Lipsticks is one of my current favorite lipstick and this Advance Night repair kit.


A black lace bra will will always look romantic and sexy on every woman.

gucci hearts sneakers

The heart patch on this Gucci sneakers is everything. You can’t be empty handed once you step inside a Gucci Store, the bag and wallet on chain below are so lovable.

gucci GG marmont heart shoulder bag

Bags, are always a good gift idea for your woman. (You hear that hubby?)

gucci wallet on chain



A heart shape piece of jewelry. 

rimowa carry on

A bright colored carry on luggage for your next trip together.

Gifts for the Mr. (Ladies, get ready to shop for your man!)


Men and their gadgets.

bose speaker



Wallet perhaps?

gucci mens messenger bag

…or a messenger bag


adidas mens nmd

A new pair of sneakers.

panerai mens watch          iwc mens watch

A fancy watch.

gucci mens loafer

A good pair of leather shoes.


A black carry on luggage for his short business trips or your next trip together.

So have you made up your mind yet? Hope some of my gift suggestions will help you out. But honestly if we take these gifts out of the picture, you can just simply treat your husband super special on Valentines day by cooking his favorite dish and have a candle light dinner at home. And for the husbands out there, here’s what you can simply do, prepare a simple breakfast in bed (a toast, some eggs and tuna or ham will quite do it, even a kid can prepare that, so no excuses alright?) with some flower petals scattered all over on the bed or a bouquet of flowers if your wife is really into flowers, and a shower of love and affection. Truly makes any wife’s heart melt, I know I’d do.

Advance Happy Valentines day everyone! Have fun! Me and my husband already made plans for Valentines day, any guesses? Do follow me on social media for real time updates. Thanks again for reading guys!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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