Beauty Haul + Review: Korean Brand Face Masks & Character Masks

This is just one of my many backlog from 2016. Since it’s the love month, why not pamper ourselves to facial masks every now and then at home.Β It was only in Seoul that I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of face mask sold in Β every possible types there is and for all the different purposes there is. There are even specialty stores I’ve been to in Myeongdong that sells only facial masks in all types and carries all the brand. So I wondered, is this why Koreans have such beautiful skin? I can’t help but buy a couple for myself and for “pasalubong” (gifts) even if it added so much weight on my luggage.

I really had fun using the printed ones. The print on the pink boxes below are the actual prints of the mask. No need for thoese Snapchat filters. Each one has a different beauty purpose. There’s for moisturising, brightening, firming and I forgot the one since it’s labeled in Korean language. And the animal prints down below too.




I love all the mask I got so far but my favorite is the Innisfree Anti-Aging mask brightening which has a label on the packaging “Second skin” because of the gel like sheet that is so soft on the skin that really feels like a second skin and also has cooling effect as well unlike the usual tissue like paper sheet masks.

There are a lot of different mask available in the market now, I think it is best to know your skin type first to address your needs and know which masks works best for you. Like for me I have dry skin, so I buy a lot of moisturising mask and also anti-aging masks for my fine lines. You can try Faceshop, Skinfood and Etude among the popular korean make up shops.

Here’s a tip: Don’t throw the face mask pack right after you take out the mask, there’s a lot of solution left in those so squeeze them all out and spread it onto your face or put it on a small container if you want to use it the next day.

Till my next beauty haul guys. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Much Love,

Sheila πŸ’—


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