Black Velvet

I love coming to Hong Kong on February because of the cold weather. Being in a tropical country like mine, the Philippines, some of us always long for the winter season so we could dress up and layer clothes. I love how you can just walk on the streets all day without letting out a single sweat out of your pores.

It was nineteen degrees celsius when we arrived in Hong Kong Monday noon, and it came down to 15 degrees during the evening. And this is what I wore. When traveling I always keep it mind to dress comfortably and this black velvet dress is the best choice for a more than two hours ride on the plane. It’s like wearing your a sleepwear and I know it’s gonna be cold so I wore this knit turtle neck top that has a dramatic bell sleeves, pair it with my very old leather ankle boots (very old mind you, the last time I wore this boots was when I went to Hong Kong two years ago too) with some black socks.

My hubby is my photographer this time and we took this shots along Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was pretty challenging to take decent photos when the streets is really crowded with people, but we still manage to capture some.

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Outfit details: Black velvet dress from H&M (similar here and here), Turtle neck bell sleeve knit top from Accessories4meandmom (also similar here), hat from Zara (from last season, got it on sale), Leather Ankle boots from Aldo (very old), Sunglasses from Shein available here, Bag from Chanel available here.

Writing this blog on the plane back to the Philippines. Really enjoyed the chilly weather in Hong Kong. Vacation is finally over now and I have a lot to blog about for this trip so stay tuned guys. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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