How To Wear Your Denim Jacket

I just love denim jacket. I think it is everyone’s go to jacket in their closet, specially for the women in my country. Every time I travel, I always see someone wearing denim jackets at the airport. And so for this post, I’m showing you all how to wear your denim jacket in a new way. Just by styling it differently totally makes the look a lot of difference and statement. Instead of wearing it the usual way, I wore it like an off-shoulder top and close one button down and cinched it with a belt. But this style will work best with a slightly oversized and long denim jacket. Or any oversized and long jacket in your closet or a kimono maybe.

Please excuse my Minnie mouse headband, I forgot to take it off when we shoot these photos, and I also forgot to show you this pretty lace top without the jacket. Hubby just took this photos in maybe ten minutes or so, since we had to go on with our Disney adventure.

Maybe some of you are wondering how I manage to stay warm with this off-shoulder thing and lace, well, thank God for Heattech inners from Uniqlo. Wore a nude color heattech or thermal long sleeves underneath this lace top to keep me warm and by night time, I already covered my shoulders with the jacket.

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DSCF1593resize800Β Outfit details: Lace top from Shein available here, Denim Jacket from Forever21, Jeans from H&M similar here and here, Sneakers from Nike (I got it in Hong Kong), Belt and Bag from Gucci, Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs.

Forced myself to finish this blog since I promised you all yesterday that I will post my outfit details from previous blog today. As you’ve probably seen in my social media, my 11 years 5 months old Yorkshire Terrier named Summer died in my arms yesterday. Her breast cancer has spread so fast to her heart and lungs when we found out about it last December. She was having a hard time breathing when we came home from our Hong Kong trip. Yesterday, as we left the house, she was was still wiggling her tail and look happy that she is going out. She kept on removing her oxygen so I took it out since we are going to have it refill at the clinic anyways. We even took a selfie photo together with my hubby inside the car during the eight minutes drive. But as we arrived at the clinic, she gave her last breath as I was carrying her in my arms.

Just forty nine days ago I lost my 13years old chihuahua, Fuchsia, and now Summer has joined her in heaven. They were my companion even way before my husband came into my life. And hubby has loved them so dearly since they give us a lot of joy in our house. Goodbyes are never easy. They may be just dogs to others but for us, they are like family, they sleep with us inside our room, eat the same time, and goes to the office with me everyday. They will be missed so badly. Thank you so much to everyone who expressed their condolences and sympathy. 😘

On a lighter note, we have two new puppies last Sunday. A Valentine’s day gift from hubby to me. They are the ones cheering me up now and taking care of them keeps me busy in the house. I guess time will heal all wounds and it’s also time to give new puppies a loving home. Meet Pixee and Dustee on my Instagram post, they are both female long haired Chihuahuas.

So okay, enough about dogs. I hope you guys like today’s #OOTD post. Thanks again for reading guys!

Much Love,

Sheila πŸ’—
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