Food & Travel: YUM CHA, Hong Kong

Our first dinning stop in Hong Kong was this pretty fun Chinese Dim Sum place called Yum Cha in Tsim Sha Tsui. They serve traditional Chinese cuisine but with a playful twist. They emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal, and quality ingredients. And this is my favorite part of YUM CHA, they proudly serve food with no added MSG. And it is also awarded 1 Michelin star.

I so love the modern tea house interior of the restaurant and the staff were very warm, pleasant and attentive. We were seated right away upon arriving and gave us our choice of house tea. There were three choices, Red dates red tea, Toasted buckwheat green tea and our choice the White chrysanthemum tea which was caffeine free.

It was snack time in the afternoon when we arrived so we just ordered light. We ordered the beef brisket noodles first and it was so good we couldn’t wait for the rest to take a group photo so sorry the noodle is out of the picture here. Hahah! Then we ordered the BBQ piggy buns, Green tea custard molten buns and the hot custard molten buns. Not only  it was Instagram-worthy but also tasty and flavourful. Hopefully we can get back soon to try out their other signature dishes: aside from the Hot custard buns and BBQ piggy buns are the Sticky honey balsamic chicken wings, Salty fish & chicken fried rice with beetroot juice, Egg white & black ink seafood fried rice.

yum cha Yum Cha Tsim sha tsui Yum Cha Hong Kong YUM CHA buns DSCF1345resize800

Check out YUM CHA Menu below:

yum cha menu yum cha menu hong kong yum cha menu

It wasn’t hard finding the place since it was walking distance from our hotel. It was located at the 3rd floor of this building in Granville road. Address down below and I also linked the google map. The design of the building outside and in the lobby was so cute and fun and there’s a poster that you wouldn’t miss upon walking the street.

Overall all, we enjoyed our first experience at YUM CHA and we will definitely be coming back to try out more of their dishes during lunch or dinner time next time.

I will be posting a Vlog soon to show you the videos I took from this place. So stay tuned guys. I hope you find this post helpful . Thanks for reading!


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YUM CHA has two branches in Hong Kong, the one I visited was in Tsim Sha Tsui.


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