The Perfect Accessory To Cover Up An Eye Makeup Blunder

Whenever I’m in Manila, I always do my make up inside the car to save some time coz I know I’ll be sitting at the back seat of the car for an hour or more given the traffic situation. So it was just one of those days, where I got caught up with my phone and actually forgot to put an eyeliner on my left eye lid. In short, I step out of the car with an eyeliner only on my right eye lid and didn’t realized that until I went to the bathroom. So thank God I was wearing this pair of sunnies that is lightly tinted that I can wear both indoor or outdoor and no one actually took noticed that my eye makeup were not even. I ended up removing the eyeliner since I didn’t carry my makeup bag with me, I just normally leave it inside the car. So sunglasses to the rescue.

I always carry sunnies with me every time I go out. Not only it is a perfect accessory to cover your eye makeup gone wrong or eye bags but it protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. And I’m currently obsessed with light tinted sunnies like this one, if you have been following me on Instagram then you have seen my recent purchase from Gentle Monster (will blog about that one soon and I might actually be over using that piece).

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Outfit details: Top and Jeans from Zara, Shoes from Mango, Sunglasses from Shein (available here), Hammock Bag from Loewe (available here)

I wore this outfit the day after we arrived from Hong Kong and the day we fly from Manila to Butuan. And I actually scored this Hammock bag from Loewe at Hong Kong airport at the last minute, like twenty minutes before boarding time to be exact. I love Hong Kong airport, there’s so many shops that you need to prepare yourself to go home broke. Hahahah! Something tells me this bag is gonna be over used. I will post a separate blog about how you can wear this particular bag in six ways, yes, not one, not two, but six.

Well, I hope you like today’s post guys. Thanks again for reading! I’ll be having another giveaway on my Instagram again very soon so do stay tuned for that, my handle is @sheiladytiu, so hope you’ll follow me.

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