Trend: Corset Belts 

It’s like a major throwback to the Victorian era and way down to the 16th century where it all begun. As fashion evolved, we’ve seen Madonna sport the corset look in the 80’s. And not until the recent months when Kim Kardashian wore this trend on the streets and made it wearable and I got so into it, after all I am a Kardashian fan.
I also saw this trend on Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Liz Uy during fashion week. I was obsessed then but didn’t got my hands on em till two months ago. I can’t seem to find one but I knew later on that fast-fashion stores will sell this kind of belt, and I was right.  Remember this outfit from last month, when I wore a black corset belt in Hong Kong? Well, that was my first corset belt I got online from Mango.

kim k corset  kim-kardashian-corset-belt-waist-training-life-of-pablo-shirt-072016 kim-Kardashian Kim-Wearing-Distressed-Long-Sleeved-Tee-Laced-Belt Kim-Wearing-Oversize-White-Tee-Ribbed-Corset

kylie jenner corset trend gigi hadid corset

liz uy corset1

Well, here’s my simple take on the trend when I was in Manila last week. Wore this to the mall actually. My oversized shirt is too plain looking without this belt, or just like Kim Kardashian, you can simply put on an oversized or your boyfriend/husband’s T-shirt on an put a corset belt and voila, instant chicness.

DSCF2512 (1)halfsize  DSCF2507halfsize

I actually wore a pair of white shorts under my shirt so, don’t worry about the wind blowing my shirtdress.


DSCF2518halfsize   DSCF2532halfsize DSCF2530halfsize DSCF2527halfsize DSCF2525halfsize


Outfit details: Shirtdress from H&M (old), Corset belt and Sandals from Zara, Bag from Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses from Linda Farrow.

So would you wear this trend? I really love how these belts give shape to a woman’s body. It really accentuates the waist. Just be careful not to eat so much while wearing this belt otherwise, you will have a hard time breathing. LOL.

Watch out for my next blog post as I will be posting my March favorites including the five corset belts I got recently and where to shop for it.  Thanks again for reading guys! Hope you like this post! Do drop a comment down below, would love to hear your thoughts on this trend.

Much Love,

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