03/29/17: Dyson Supersonic Official Launched in Manila

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has officially launched in Manila, Philippines last Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at the Fashion Walk of Greenbelt 5. It was hosted by Bobby Yan and specially co-hosted by Tim Yap. I was actually thrilled to be invited to this event knowing how much they have appreciated my review and blog post about the Dyson Supersonic early this year here.

Coincidentally, the day I posted my review here on the blog was also the day Dyson Supersonic was launched in Bangkok, Thailand, where in Dyson Philippines flew a group of bloggers, celebrities and personalities to Bangkok for the event. I was practical right on board when everyone was posting photos on social media about the launch in Bangkok because I was also posting photos on my social media about my #dysonsupersonic review the same day (read all about my post here).

So during the launch, they have also showcased other innovative products of Dyson such as the vacuum cleaner and bladeless fans. I really got my eyes set on that vacuum cleaner. During the event, they had quite a lot of hair styling booths for everyone to try out the Dyson Supersonic and get a free blow dry and styling. Even Tweety de Leon got her hair blow dried.

Of course press kits were given out to all the guests but it was not until Bobby Yan announced that they will be giving away one or two Dyson Supersonic that the guest got all giddy and excited including me of course. I thought to myself that if I win, I’ll give it to my mom since I already have one. So scroll down below to find out if I won or not.

DSCF2543halfsize DSCF2544halfsize DSCF2794halfsize

DSCF2777halfsize DSCF2776halfsize DSCF2774halfsize

DSCF2778halfsize DSCF2789halfsize DSCF2788halfsize DSCF2786halfsize

DSCF2795halfsize  DSCF2808halfsize

With my new friend. Thank you Elie Diccion for the invitation. 

DSCF2807halfsize DSCF2806halfsize

With Bobby Yan ( VP Communications) and Warren Sy (Managing Director) of Whiteplanet, Inc., exclusive distributor of Dyson Philippines.

DSCF2802halfsize DSCF2800halfsize

dyson supersonic manila launch

And so, I won! I was even speechless for a moment there that I didn’t acknowledge when they called my name at first and stood up the second time they called out my name. heheh!


What’s inside the press kit. A p3,000 gift certificate included. Yahoo!



And this is the brand new Dyson Supersonic that I won along with another piece of hair dryer that my cousin in law asked me to buy her. I was officially the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer hoarder that day. hahaha!



And this is what I wore during the event. I got too busy taking pictures that I forget to take a photo of my outfit during the event. These shots were taken before the event.

DSCF2772halfsize DSCF2773halfsize

Outfit details: Blouse from Shein (shop it here), Pants from Zara, Shoes from Gucci, Bag from Chanel. Sunglasses from Gentle Monster.


Hope you like today’s post guys! For the first in my life, I’ve never won anything from a raffle draw, until now. It felt really good coz it is a product I believe in and I love. And all the more sweeter coz I’m giving my prize to my mom since I already have one. Thank you so much Dyson Philippines.

You guys can check out snd shop Dyson products including the Dyson supersonic at the Dyson Store, located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati City. 

The Dyson Supersonic retails at p21,500 but if you blow dry your hair everyday, then it is worth every penny. You’re gonna love it, trust me, coz it  doesn’t dry out your hair, it gives your hair shine, it dries faster and less noisier than the traditional hair dryer.

Have a great day guys! Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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