Before and After: Lasik Eye Surgery

I can finally see Nemo, Dory and even Flounder and Sebastian under the sea now that I have a 20/12 vision! Hahaha! Exactly a month ago I underwent to eye surgery and had Z Lasik done at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics. I think only my closest friends know that I am near sighted, and it started way back in high school at negative 150 for both eyes until it recently went to 500 to 550. Yes, I was that blind, hahaha! Now you know why I don’t say hi or nod when you see me in public. Clearly, I simply can’t see your face my dear, so sorry about that.

So this explains why I have been wearing sunglasses if you noticed on all my photos for the past couple of weeks. I even wore my tinted sunglasses at night (remember this event here) just to protect my eyes coz I really didn’t like wearing the clear plastic protection glasses my doctor gave me, well, at least I wore that on and off for a week and you have probably saw me wore those unfashionable glasses on my Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Hahah!

So let me share with you guys my experience on Lasik.

Screening Test

Before undergoing lasik, you need to be screened first. So doctors will run a series of eye exam  that will take about 2 to 3 hours since the last step was to give your eyes some drops to dilate your pupil so they can see the back of your eye (sounds weird but that’s what they said). Also they need to check your cornea to see if you are an eligible candidate for Lasik.  I actually got nervous thinking that I might fail the screening and then they have to repair my cornea before Lasik which will be a long and a more expensive process. So lucky for me I passed the test and so I had my Lasik done two days after the screen test (you can also do it the day after screen test).

Important: Before the screen test, your eyes was must well rested from wearing contact lens for atleast a week. So that means, you have to wear eyeglasses for a week. 

Day 1 – Lasik Eye Surgery (day of the procedure)

Not much preparation needed but you must not wear contact lenses prior to surgery. So on the day of the Lasik eye surgery, I had my mom with me, because they clearly stated on the guidelines that you need to be accompanied with someone during the surgery, and will get through why later.

There were four of us in line that day for surgery and I was the second one. First they will ask you to wash your face and take off all your make up from your face. Second, put on a laboratory gown. Third, we were thoroughly brief of the instructions before going inside the surgery room. Fourth they gave us an anaesthetic eye drops couple of minutes before and during surgery.

And so, came my turn, I was really nervous, just the thought of having to flap your cornea gives me chills. But the procedure was really quick. I think I was done for roughly 10minutes on both eyes. The doctor will just tell you to look on a red or green light then in seconds the laser goes through your eyes. It was really painless, but I felt the pressure of the doctors hand putting a tool on my eyes. And that was just about it.

So here’s what’s funny, after the surgery, my vision was still blurry but really able to see better already. And thought to myself, wow, that was really painless and so fast. The nurse gave me the rest of the instructions to be followed after the surgery like having to put all three eye drops as treatment for the eyes that will help the healing fast. And then I read, I need to take a pain killer because I will be experiencing sharp pain in my eyes for two hours. There, as soon as I left the clinic, like 25minutes after surgery, I started to feel a sting in my eyes. Then minutes more, I wasn’t able to open my eyes anymore and really felt a sharp pain like needles poking my eyes, it was really too painful to open your eyes. Like, OMG! Why were we not inform that it’s gonna be so painful right after the surgery?

I guess that was the part where the marketing team left out and only tell their patients that it’s bladeless and painless. Yes, the procedure was really painless but as soon as the anaesthetic wears off, there, it was really the most painful two and a half hours of my life! No kidding!

My eyes were practically close for more than two hours  straight and my tears just keep on rolling down my cheeks that I even emptied out a pack full of tissue. So, having said that, you really need someone to accompany you if your planning to have an eye surgery, because you won’t be able to drive, you can’t dial your phone, you can’t see where the taxi driver will take you or you can’t practically leave the clinic for starters having your eyes closed. I was like a blind person holding my mom’s arms while walking. I even shouted to my mom “I can’t take this anymore!” like half way through the crucial hours. hahahahahah!

After almost three hours, the stingy feeling has finally faded and I can already slowly open my eyes but still with a blurry vision. I practically went straight to bed a slept like a baby. But just before that, I had to put on these plastic eyeshield that you have to tape   around you eyes to protect it during my sleep. I look like an alien or a bee wearing those. hahaha. Wore that eyeshield for five nights.

Day 2 After Surgery

Woke up with a big smile on my face. For the first time in my 21 years of wearing glasses. I woke up seeing everything in the room clearly. I still continued using the eye drops that the doctor prescribed. Wore the protective glasses all the time to protect my eyes from dust and being hit by someone else hand or something since my eyes hasn’t totally healed. I was also advised to wear sunglasses during daytime outdoor to protect my eyes from UV rays since the eyes are still very sensitive to light during this day. No more pain however, thank God!

Day 5 After Surgery

Went back to the clinic to see my doctor for a follow up check-up since I was not able to have my eyes check the day after surgery since I flew back to Butuan the following day after surgery. So there my vision was 20/12 both eyes and I couldn’t be more happier. My doctor also told me I can stop wearing the protective glasses and the eyeshield at night so yahooo! Still continued wearing sunglasses outdoors and the artificial tear drops since my eyes feels dry every two to three hours. That was the only thing I maintain for the next 25 days as my eyes heals.

Day 31 after Surgery

I can finally go on swimming and open my eyes under water! A month go by so fast. Doing the Lasik eye surgery was one of the best decisions ever. I can drive without my glasses now and watch movies. I am totally free of having the hassle everyday of putting on contact lenses or having a hard time looking at the time in the morning coz your glasses fell of the floor and you had a hard timing locating it. Sounds familiar? 

Now, I should really take good care of my eyes. Doctor said my impaired vision will not come back anymore but eventually I will be needing reading glasses as I grew older. Well that I can manage. 

Here are the things you need to sacrifice when undergoing Lasik eye surgery:

  1. No Swimming for one month,so say goodbye to the beach and pool for 3odays.
  2. No eye-make-up for atleast two weeks.
  3. No water sports or any sports that involves balls or object flying through your face, hahah!

If you can do all that then by all means, call your doctor and set a date for your lasik eye surgery. Goodbye eye glasses, goodbye contact lenses!

Sorry for the heavy post, if you still have questions about Lasik, do drop a comment down below, will try to answer them. Thank you for reading guys!


Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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