Blogger Pose: Crossing The Street (Tips or maybe not)

Could somebody teach me how to do it? I have seen so many bloggers around the world posting photos of them crossing the street that I have been attempting to do myself many times but failed.

Check out one of favorite blogger Jessica Wang #notjessfashion who a pro at this pose. She is just stunningly beautiful. I totally love her style. If only I can strut a pose like her hahha!

You have probably seen some of my previous post here and here attempting to “look like” I crossed the street but I actually did not and just pose for the camera near the end of the pedestrian lane (Or maybe that what is Jessica is doing too, right?). I mean, am I alone with this struggle to look so effortlessly cool when crossing the street in my #OOTD? In my attempt to do so, I think I have a few pointers for those who wanted to try (if you have not tried it) and please correct me if I am wrong, I am very open for all your suggestions down the comments below.

So I actually have come up with Four Tips when taking photos crossing the street, blogger style. (This is just for fun guys, don’t take me seriously, although I am serious about this, hahaha!)

Tip #1: Pick a pedestrian lane that is not busy or pick a holiday for that matter.

Reality Check: It’s so funny how cars stopped  and let me crooss the street when they saw me and yet I am just faking it and actually just standing there waiting for them to pass by so you can take photos. It is impossible to take this kind of photos when there are so many cars passing by without getting hit for that matter hahah. So best to research for that perfect location if you must.

Tip #2: Tell your photographer (in this case, my sister) to just click the camera as many times as possible posing each time she shouted “1,2, go” on repeat! hahaha!

Reality Check: Trust me out of 58 shots, only these photos were good. The struggle is real guys, it takes more than 10 shots for one good photo. 

Tip #3: Try to move effortless as if you are just really crossing the street and not posing.

Reality Check: Well this part I haven’t perfected yet. I ended up having a lot of blurry photos and awkwardly posing for the camera or me laughing so hard like one of the photos below.

Tip #4: Be Patient! If you have the luxury of time then just take your time and wait for that perfect shot.

Reality Check: As for me, we were in hurry since our parents were waiting for us so we just did the shoot as quickly as we can.



DSCF4941halfsizehalfsize DSCF4939halfsizehalfsize DSCF4930halfsizehalfsize DSCF4928halfsizehalfsize

I got so busy pulling up my blouse when I crossed the street that I forgot to pull it back down and wear it as an off-the-shoulder style. I love how you can wear this blouse from Pinkaholic Clothing in 3 ways. 

DSCF4915halfsizehalfsize DSCF4896halfsizehalfsize DSCF4880halfsizehalfsize


Outfit details: Blouse from Pinkaholic Clothing, Pants from Zara (old, previously worn here), Sandals also from Zara, Purse from Celine, Bag Straps from Fendi, Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs.


Today is just one of those days when you just want to lighten the weight your carry on your shoulder and just have a good laugh. We all have some bad days and by writing this funny experience of mine as a blogger was the first thing that pops out of my head to write for todays blog and somehow manage to lighten my load. As my best friend Antong said last night ” A little humour goes a long way.” So I hope this post also made you laugh or smile even just a tiny bit. Or maybe I am the only one who thinks this post is funny when it is not at all, hahaha! Insert ashamed face here 😬)

Well, thanks for dropping by and reading today’s post guys. Don’t forget to smile and laugh today!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

4 thoughts on “Blogger Pose: Crossing The Street (Tips or maybe not)

  1. I really like her style too! and I think you have done a good job on this one with this crossing street pose though. :)) I personally find it easier to have action photos really… just keep on moving and that’s it. at least that’s what I do, not sure about how notjessfashion does hers. haha

    1. Haha! I should really do that! You madenit sound so easy! I guess me and the one behind the camera can’t seem to find the timing and ended up with blurry photos. Hahaha! I really love your shots too! Thanks again for dropping by! 😘💕

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