A Day At Ocean Bloom Boutique Beach Resort

A building called Santorini in this quite boutique beach resort located in Buenavista which is a 15 to 20 minutes drive from Butuan City. Remember the shoot I did for Pinkaholic’s Resort Wear Collection here, well this is the place where I shoot it. Since I’ve been ask many times where it is so today I am sharing it with you guys. And mind you, this is not a full review since I only stayed there for merely two hours for the said shoot. This post will be entirely to share the photos with you guys and base on my short experience of the place and the things I love about this humble abode in my honest opinion.

So lets go shall we? I actually used the Waze app to help me locate the resort since I haven’t been to the place yet. I can only count with my five fingers on the number of times I drove to the beaches here in Butuan. It took me merely 20 minutes to reach the place when Waze told me that I’ve arrived to my destination, a small sign that says Ocean Bloom this way pops out. And there it was this blue and white colored gate that says welcome!

Greeted by their manager and asked her if I could go around and check out the place and if it’s alright to shoot some dresses for my line and for my blog. The resort has a strict policy that only checked in guest are allowed to go in and take photos so I took the cheapest room available and use it as my changing room.

I really love the serenity of the place. It was not crowded during my visit, there were only three groups of guests around and by the time I was half way done with the shoot, they have checked out and left and that leaves me the only guest so I practically got the place all to myself, no photobombers, yahoo!

The famous dome structure inspired from Santorini is a popular spot of the locals to take photos and so of course I did too. So if ever anyone of you are wondering who was the person behind the camera for the shoot, well, it none other than my Yaya (household helper). She takes instructions pretty well, isn’t she the best? Check out the photos here.

Their air-conditioned rooms are at this building called, of course,  Santorini, with blue doors and has a roof deck with the nice view of the whole place.

And I love the fact they have this Bamboo houses as one of their accommodations for that Filipino style living experience. Posted the prices of accommodations in the photos below for your reference.

The place is also pet friendly, which I love. And theres are a giant chess game you play with too.




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This main house on the photo below is actually the owners rest house before they opened the place for public. You can rent the entire place and it will be perfect for small weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings.


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ocean bloom buenavista

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If you are looking for a quite place to just chill and unwind and take a plunge into the beach then this place it for you. Just be sure to book in advance if your planning to sleep and dine there as their kitchen it by advance booking only, or you have an option to bring your own food. I think that’s the only thing that’s missing on this place, a 24/7 restaurant for the guest to enjoy. But they have a small store that I took liberty of buying some ice cream popsicle since it was so humid that day.

They are currently having Summer Escape Promo so take advantage of that while it lasts and enjoy your stay.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend guys, thanks for dropping by!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

*This is not a sponsored post.

More about Ocean Bloom Boutique Beach Resort facebook page  here.*

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