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Yes, I repeat my outfits. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton repeats her dresses so how much more a probinsyana like me. Well, I actually I have a one month rule before I repeat tops, skirts, and dresses, but for jeans, I repeat it as often as I want, but hey that’s just me. Whenever I repeat my clothes I always style it differently, like wearing a different bottom for a top, or another top for the same bottom, or a different shoes and bags for a dress. And of course you don’t see so much of that on my blog since I can’t post the same clothes over and over again right? I mean that would be too boring for your guys. I do wear clothes on repeat and there’s nothing wrong with that but I don’t take photos of them again and again.

Obviously I really love this skirt that I can’t stop wearing it. Didn’t even noticed I’ve worn it so many times already until I checked my #ootd photos. So for today’s post, I’m gonna share with you how I repeat my outfits. So read on my tips below.

repeating outfit

I got FIVE SIMPLE TIPS on how to repeat outfits without getting noticed. 

  1. Pair it with a different top/bottom. Like how I mix and match above.
  2. Layer it. Try adding a blazer, coat or jacket to go with the look.
  3. Accessories differently. Like use a different bag or shoes, it really change the whole look instantly.
  4. Wear it in different occasions or different places. Like don’t wear it in everyones birthday party with the same people around.
  5. Try the one month rule or less. And to help you keep track of it, put newly washed clothes at the bottom pile or at the back of your closet that way you won’t be pulling them out again and again.

Here’s a recap of my four looks.

LOOK #1 is very laid back from my old post here


LOOK #2 is very basic from old post here


LOOK#3 is a sweater weather outfit from my old post here.


LOOK #4 is my latest look wearing the Pull and Bear Top and Zara Floral Skirt for that casual chicness look. This time I wore this simple slip ons from Gold Dot and this Hammock bag from Loewe. 

image1 (5)

So, which one is your favorite? There is really no cardinal rule to fashion when it comes to repeating outfits, the trick here is to style it differently so they will never noticed you’ve worn that piece over and over again. And sometimes, we do have a favorite piece of clothing that we just love to wear every week or so, well by all means go ahead, it’s your clothes anyway.

Hope you like today’s post guys. I’m still busy working on my cousins wedding cake for this Saturday. So till my next post. Thanks for dropping by!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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  1. I love this and these tips so much! I also write for a fashion/beauty blog and would love some feedback/advice. Anything would be appreciated since I’m still sort of figuring out the best way to write blog posts.

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