Why I Blog and How I Find The Time To Blog + OOTD

Why do I blog? How do I find the time to blog you asked? Warning, heavy read ahead!

A little over a year ago I started this blog just for the simple reason of sharing my love for fashion and all the things that I love that’s why I called my blog SheiLoves (Sheila Loves …). Through my blog I am able to embrace my love for fashion just by dressing up most of the time and share my style and outfits with all of you guys.

Today, I wanna share with everyone what kept me motivated and how I manage my time to blog despite having a day job and do many other things in my life. With the fast growing numbers of bloggers all around the world, you just have to treat everyone as your best friend and not a competition. Everybody’s blog is different from each other so do not compare or copy someone else’s posts.


For me, I blog simply because I love what I blog and blog what I love. And it may seem easy and all glamorous but it’s really not, it takes a lot of work, effort and time. I think 50% of my blog is about fashion, 15% beauty, 20% travel, 5% personal and 10% my creations. I believe there is always something to blog about and I just practically blog most of the things that I love for me make a content. But there are also days when nothing goes inside your head and that’s where my best friends come along and help me get started. It is through fashion really that I am able to express myself thus it is practically 50% of my content. 

Nowadays, there are many bloggers who blog simply because of the perks, like free goodies from companies in return for reviews and blog post. And yes I have my fair share of that and have work with a few brands/companies myself, but I simply study each one of them and always ask myself if it’s really something that I love and would actually buy or use myself and that would represent my brand. Not to be bragging and all but I have also turn down a few since it really didn’t represent who I am or what I believe in, coz after all, it is your name you are putting out there.

I am so thankful that there are these great clothing labels as well as small local shops that have been collaborating with me for quite some time now and that they trust me right from the start when they first contacted me through email. And even some are my go to shops that ended up having collaborations as well coz I am a good customer/shopper after all (sorry to brag hahah). So the perks are really just a bonus. And I am not complaining at all.

Blogging also for me is my destresser. Specially after a long day at work, I just want to get home right away and blog something. I really don’t see blogging as work but a reliever rather. It just gives me a good feeling about myself and help me keep busy and not worry about anything at all.

Most all, I blog because YOU are there reading my blog now. You guys are definitely my biggest motivations to do what I do now. Thank you so much all for your support. I wish to meet you all someday.


I think every bloggers struggle if not is the photography part. I usually take photos of my #OOTD during daytime which is normally after office hours like five in the afternoon so when it rains then I’m in deep trouble. Weather always stresses me out specially when you are all dolled up and as soon as you go outside, rain starts to pour and shooting indoors with a gloomy weather is such nightmare. Natural daylight is a blogger’s best friend. Even when taking food photos, it is always nice to sit by the window where there’s natural light from the outside.

My day job is actually very flexible and I get to wear whatever I want since I work at my dad’s firm as a finance manager . But even more so, I kinda want to shoot after office hours, after all it is the golden hour. I also make use of the weekends and holidays where I can shoot anytime I want given the good weather of course.

I normally post atleast twice or thrice a week. And as I’ve mentioned on my previous post that I was busy making my cousins wedding cake but still manage the time to work and blog. You just have to divide your time and make a time table or set your priorities. I practically work with the cake until 2:00AM since I started at 6:00PM. Also had to be absent for work the two days before the wedding just so I can finish in time. And in between my breaks I blog. That’s why you really have to love what you do otherwise you will just get lazy.

If you have been reading my blog then you know probably by now who my photographers are. So let me refresh that one for you. My photographers are my mom, my husband, my sister, my yaya (household helper, our driver, our janitor and that perfect stranger somewhere when you are alone. Yup, no professional photographer but except for two post here and here. So no matter where you are or who you with, if you want or need to have your photos taken then by all means ask whoever is around to take your photos.

Usually out of twenty to fifty shots, only seven to ten makes it to my blog. Well, the idea is to take lots of photos coz there will always be that one great shot in the end.

I usually write my blogs as soon as i get home from the office which is normally from 5:30PM to 12:00Am. If I know I have so many other stuff to do besides work then I write as much as two to three blog post in a day depending on my mood. And thanks to mobile apps, I can easily write one using my phone. When I wake in the morning and have this idea on my head, I just write it down right away. And sometimes, if  I am the doctor or dentist waiting for my turn, I always make use of that time for writing or editing photos using my phone. Also during travel time, specially when your flights delayed or on the plane it is always handy to bring your laptop with you. I wrote few of my blogs at the airport and also at the car while stuck in Manila traffic. Not a time wasted for me. I hate doing nothing at all. Every second counts.

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Outfit details: Shirt from Zara, Skirt from Uniqlo (got it on sale), Hammock Bag from Loewe, Sunglasses from Gentle Monster.

Through blogging I have witness the irony when most of the people who supports you are the ones you do not know personally and yet the people you know or whom you call friends supports the ones they don’t know but you. I am so thankful for my set of family and friends who have supported me right from the start. You know who you are. And to all my followers and readers, I love you all!

Well, sorry for heavy post today guys, but I hope you love that I share this with you. Thanks for reading! Will blog about my cousin’s wedding cake soon.

And hey, Happy Independence Day Philippines!
Much Love,

Sheila 💗

6 thoughts on “Why I Blog and How I Find The Time To Blog + OOTD

  1. Wow i love this post Sheila! You’re so good in managing your time. I just realized I wasted my precious time doing nothing yesterday and rushing today.😭 huhu

    1. Thank you dear! And that’s okay, I think we can afford to be lazy once in a while. Hehehe! Bet you’re pretty busy at school too. Can’t wait to see your new blog post. 😉😘💕

  2. Blogging is a hard work. very time consuming and lots of different things to do in order to have a post. I have problem with the photo shooting time here. in the summer like now is better but in the winter, there are only few hours of daylight here and my photographer and me are both not morning person. haha anyway, your bag is my all time favourite!! I love it and checked it several times! so chic! love your top too and that I can afford and might get it later. 😛

    1. I love reading your comments dear! Always on point. Wow! Taking photos is really a struggle for us. I can’t imagine having to experience winter season out here, that will really be a challenge. You photos are always amazing though. Hahahah! Get the top! The price is insanely affordable! Happy shopping dear! 😘❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi! What’s your work? or what do you do for a living? You travel a lot 😱 I’m a new reader and I feel like you are enjoying everything and not stress at all. You might be wondering why I asked, I honestly thoight just like other bloggers, you only blog. I really thought pit is the only thing that you do until you’ve mentioned about work here! Hehe!

    1. Hey there! I work as a finance manager at our family’s construction firm. So trust me, working in the office can be so stressful and sometimes I do site visits as well. That’s why I enjoy blogging… coz it is some sort of a destresser for me. Thanks for dropping by! 😊💕

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