Luggage Themed Wedding Cake + OOTD

Made this three feet tall luggage themed wedding cake for my cousin’s wedding two weeks ago. This is the cake that got me busy as I’ve mentioned on my previous blog posts. My cousin Jackie’s color motif was tiffany blue so played around with that color for their cake. She also wanted to have a bride and groom figures with their two children too. So I made these four edible cake toppers.

It is always fun and stressful at the same to make a wedding cake and be one of the members of the entourage at the same time. I think this is the sixth time that happens and that includes my wedding too (yes I made my own wedding cake, see photos here). The delivery part is where I always struggle, coz I have to have my hair and makeup done and get all dressed up for the church ceremony and then run afterwards to set up the cake. I don’t want to set up the cake too early coz I know other suppliers are still busy at the reception and I don’t want the cake to be expose to all that and humidity is also not good for fondant cakes. The tasks requires me to be running around in heels. Hahah! 

My rough sketch without the cake toppers. Pardon my drawing, I really don’t know how, so I skip the figures. Hahah! 

With my ever supportive husband, Ryan. Thank you for delivering the cake to the reception area babe. It practically took me less than ten minutes to set up the cake there since I only needed to attached the top layer at the venue since the bag handle of that part was too fragile. 

So here’s what I wore to my cousins wedding, this Self Portrait dress that has been hiding inside my closet with it’s box for almost a year now. I was actually suppose to wear a different dress but I didn’t like the fit so I remembered I still had this one that was a little loose on me before but then when I tried it on, it fit! Meaning I gained weight hahah. So I put on my old Staccato shoes and grab my gold Chanel purse and I’m all dolled up. (Makeup by Ramona Ventura and hair by Raymond Atillo)

So how do you find the cake guys? Hope I make you all proud. And did you like my last minute dress? Well, that’s it for today guys. Have a great day everyone, thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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