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You have probably seen me carry these beautifully hand painted woven bags ever since last year. Little did I know then that I was one of their first clients to carry their piece of art. Maria Len Hand Painted Banig Bags started it’s business last August 9th 2016 by accident. Rhyn Verdad, the marketing manager of the business posted her #OOTD on social media carrying her “Banig” woven bag specially hand painted by her mother-in-law, Maria Len, the artist. Safe to say the photo went viral and the rest was social media history.

Don’t you just love business stories like this, when a hobby turns into a business? And I’m so proud that it is from my hometown, Butuan. I was able to sit down with the artist, Maria Len Jaropillo, for an interview last week. I just love to support local talents and products and I love their bag so I thought it was about time to feature them on my blog.

“I started to draw when I was five years old.” Maria Len recalls. “I never had any formal training with arts and paintings.” She added. And it was just two years ago that she started painting and would hang her work of art on their former cafe nook.

Maria Len describes her clients as the professionals who appreciates her art work. “They are not just buying the bag but paying for the painting as well.” She said. And this is what makes each bag special actually, since there are no two bags alike. Each painting on the bag is unique. And you are carrying an art piece. She said it takes her about 10 to 12 hours to finish one tote bag. And depending on her mood, if she feels like painting that day and has great inspirations then her limitations are endless. I guess like most artist, there will be some days when you can’t be productive. She gets her inspiration from nature and so she needs to go out the house and get some “vitamin sea” she laughs.

 Aside from the popular floral series is her iconic lady painting series. “That’s me” she said. “A representation of me.” She added. These iconic lady painting is really one of my favorite from her so I had one commissioned and asked her to put my initials as a choker and told her the colors that I like. 

So, yes she accepts commisioned pieces. They actually sourced out their “Banig bags” (woven bag) locally and then paints them. You can also take your leather bags or any of your favorite bags (old or new) that you want her to paint. She said she will gladly do it with her own interpretation of the clients requests.  

I asked her what is the absolute must have bag for every woman out there from her collection. She said it is the “Tote Bag and the clutch.” (See photo below)

I totally agree with her on that. I think the tote and clutch is really a must have in every womans closet. The tote bag is perfect during the day and the clutch goes perfect well with your evening dinners. 

Check out my first #ootd with the tote here and here, and the clutch here

Well, that’s it for today guys. Hope you like todays feature post. Currently in Cebu finishing this blog on the car while stuck in traffic. Have a great weekend guys! I know I will! 

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For orders and inquiries, you can reach their Facebook page here or their Instagram account @marialenpaintings.

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