Taking The Time Off From Social Media – Yes or No?

So admit it guys, social media has been a part of our daily lives. Agree or disagree? I think I spend an average of five hours a day on my phone and laptop combined. I mean, I think I am not alone on this, it is basically the first thing we do in the morning when we wake up, checking our social media accounts and the last thing we do at night before going to bed. Right? Right?

Being a blogger, it is really a must to be active on social media. I need to be engaged with all my readers and followers. Just recently I haven’t been able to keep up with all the comments on my Instagram account. I usually reply to each and everyone but I got busy lately that the least I could do after reading all the comments is to like it. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments but if I have not replied to you guys, so sorry, I’ll try my best to keep track with everyones comment. I don’t know how others who have way more followers than I have do it. I applaud you guys. I know we are all busy but hey, you guys still manage to reply on my comments to your pages.

Even posting a photo on my Instagram takes a lot of time since I need to transfer photos from my camera to my phone, enhance the photos on Snapseed and Facetune apps and then think of a good caption. It probably takes me ten to fifteen minutes before I can upload a photo.

So the why reason why I’m talking about this today is because I just recently came back from my Cebu trip over the weekend. I really enjoyed just talking and having a good laugh with my friends and hubby during the trip without having to worry or be active on social media. Just like the time I wore this yellow outfit at my cousins wedding few weeks ago. You just have to put down your phone no matter how tempting it is and just enjoy the moment of the celebration. Talking to people around your table and just enjoy the time of the celebration. It’s actually a nice feeling of being in the moment and spending quality time with family, loved ones and friends, away from social media.

Outfit details: Top from @Accessories4meandmom on Instagram, Pants and shoes from Zara (old), Onkler Sunglasses, Earrings from Peron.ph, Fendi Purse, Rolex watch. 

Time these days are such a luxury for me. And as much as I want to take the time off from social media. It is quite hard for me since I want to be active with my blog. The least I could do is to take the time off from Snapchat and Instagram stories. So if you don’t see me there that means I am just enjoying quality time with my husband, family, friends and my dogs. So forgive me for that. Thinking of challenging myself to take 3days off without WIFI, yes or no? That’s gonna be so hard, who’s up for the challenge, anyone? Drop a comment down below will you? Well, thanks for ready guys. Till my next post!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

2 thoughts on “Taking The Time Off From Social Media – Yes or No?

  1. this is definitely one of my favourite looks from you! super chic !! and I spend all day long on the phone or laptop apart when I am asleep. even when I am asleep, I probably dream of internet too. hahaha

    1. Thanks so much dear! You’re the sweetest! Our phones are somewhat part of our body, we can’t seem put it down… sometimes I enjoy having no signal or wifi connection otherwise everybody is too busy on their phones and doesn’t talk to each other. Hahaha!

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