Style: Multiple Ways To Wear My Custom Designed Coordinates

Don’t you just love the idea of wearing coordinates in multiple ways than one? You can even wear these separately too and I think I can come up with more than ten looks by adding just three more piece of clothing like jeans, a white shirt and a denim jacket. But for this blog, I will just be showing you three ways (as shown on the photos below) to wear this custom designed Kaile Clothing coordinates that was specially made for me for our collaboration. Yes, Kaile Clothing makes custom design too and working with them was such a breeze. It’s like our minds met even when were just coordinating online.

Ruffles are still so big this season and isn’t going anywhere out soon. And so I asked Khai of Kaile Clothing to make me a ruffled skirt and a matching ruffle top but make the top very versatile that it can be worn in many ways. And tada! Here’s the finished coordinates! Wore this during my recent trip to Cebu as seen on my Instagram. So let me show you how you can wear it in four ways.

Look #1


Look #2

Look #3

Look #4

Outfit details: Florals and Stripes Ruffle Coordinates from Kaile Clothing, Bag from Holicow, Sandals from Zara, Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs, Earring from Mango.

So which one is your favorite? Actually just by wearing the top not as a crop top, just like in look#3 and when I pulled the it down in look #4 makes it a whole different outfit.  You can really style it in six ways and not just four just by doing that. Wearing it as a crop top totally makes the look very summery and vacationy. But when it’s pulled down and not showing your belly, then it’s pretty casual chic. And that’s why I love this coordinates.

Well, that’s it for today guys. Happy weekend!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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  1. matching two pieces set is so in the trend at the moment. even if it is not, I always love it. it gives the expensive look in a way . and your set is just too gorgeous!!!!!

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