Review: Rosegal - Delivery and Quality

Another online shopping destination for all you (ladies and gentlemen included) shoppers out there, check out Rosegal. Rosegal offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for women of all shapes and size and yes, for men too.

For this post, I am writing a review for my online shopping experience with Rosegal. Although this is a collaboration, I will fairly give you my honest review with regards to delivery and quality of their merchandise.

1. Delivery

My order was ship in two days from date of order, which is relatively fast. They stated on the item page that they can ship within 3 days and they mean that. And same as other online shops that offers free standard shipping, arrival is at 3-4weeks for my area here in Butuan City, Philippines. I would suggest you pick the express shipping if you want your order to arrive in 3 to 7 days.

2. Quality of Merchandise 

With it’s affordable price, I’d say the quality is fairly average. The dress is exactly the same as on the photo and as described. I got medium size coz I was too scared that small wouldn’t fit me since I gain a few pounds but it was a lil loose but I manage to make it seem fit. So always, check the sizing, description and photos of the items that you want to purchase. I love Vintage style dresses like this one I got plus red and white are my current fave colors if you haven’t notice on my recent Instagram post. The vintage and feminine cut of this dress is what got me sold and a lot of people really complimented me on this dress, it’s really pretty.

The Sunglasses, are awesome! I got this two tone (pink and blue) tinted sunglasses with gold frame. It’s less than $3 and the quality is amazing! I love it! It’s my current fave! So if you are a sunnies person, I recommend you check out their eyewear! You’ll love it!

Outfit details: Vintage style dress from Rosegal (shop it here), Sunglasses also from Rosegal (shop it here), Shoes from Gucci (Shop it here), Mika Basket bag from Pinkaholic (shop it here).

 I understand that many of us are still quite hesitant to shop online because we can’t deny that there are a lot of fake sites and scammers on the internet. But happy to say that Rosegal is one legitimate online shop added to my go to online shopping destination.

Well, that’s it for today guys, if you have any questions, do drop a comment down below. And don’t forget to check out their affordable swimwear and they have plus size clothing too. Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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