My 200 Pesos Ukay-Ukay Outfit Challenge (Part 1)

First time ever to went “ukay-ukay” (thrift) shopping and it was surprisingly fun. It was just one Sunday afternoon that I got bored in the house and Hubby was out and so I thought of challenging myself to do a p200 ($4) outfit challenge and so I just went for it. My friend told me to bring some face mask coz she knows I’m allergic to dust so I went there prepared. I went to two thrift shops in the City. First is the one near St. Joseph Cathedral in E.Luna Street. The place was very well lighted and there were already a lot of clothes being hang on the racks but there was only limited choices since most of the items were jeans and tees. I think in less than thirty minutes I was able to find 3 items. And was ready to go the next shop.


The second shop I went to (beside Kimson Commercial in R.Calo St.) has more amazing stuff but it wasn’t very organized but I think it is what the “ukay” (digging from a pile of clothes) experience is really all about. Since the place was not well ventilated, I only stayed there for about thirty minutes but was able to find a lot of great items. I already had four or more outfits in mind with all the clothes I got. I was so happy coz I was able to find items that still got tags on too.

Here’s a shopping tip:

  • Wear comfy clothes when going thrift shopping. 
  • Ask for the prices of designated racks before shopping. 
  • Wear face mask if your must, like I did. (I really didn’t care so when people stare at me, I care more of my allergies, hehe!)
  • Well, i find it unhygienic to fit second hand clothing specially from an Ukay-ukay shop. Just by looking at clothes I will know if it will fit me or not but if your in doubt or not sure if it will fit you then you can measure tops by placing the ends of the blouse shoulders on your back shoulder.  
  • And when buying bottoms (skirt or pants) measure it around your neck and if both ends meet, then it will fit you. 
  • Wash and Sanitize all thrifted clothes before wearing them. 
  • Shop on a Sunday, as you can see from my photos, not so much people when i was there around four thirty in the afternoon.


So are you ready to see the outfits I got? Well, I only manage to wear and shoot two looks so be sure to watch out for part two of this blog. And hey, all looks are all under p200! I totally beat the p200 challenge!

Outfit #1: White Crochet detail blouse p75 ($1.5) that I tied the hem a knot , Plain capri pants p50 ($1) , Total Outfit cost: P125.00 ($2.5)

Outfit #2: Vintage floral dress p50 ($1) – So lucky to get this! 

This experience has really taught me that fashion doesn’t have to be really expensive, specially if you are in a tight budget. You really just have to know where to shop, stick to your budget and if you just know how to style it then you can really just wear thrifted clothes and make it look like it came out of a paper bag from the mall.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog as I will show you the rest of my finds. (Yes I have more from the haul that day) So who’s going “ukay-ukay” thrift shopping now? Don’t forget a face mask if you must and keep digging till you find that perfect outfit! Good luck and Happy shopping guys! Hope you like this post and Thanks for reading once again! Till the next! 
Much Love,

Sheila 💗


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  1. Omg! Great style Sheila! The first outfit looks classy and expensive. The second one, can’t believe that the dress is only 50.😄👏👏👏💟💗❤ Graveh syaaaa… ganda!

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