10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

My blog is a little over a year now and just how well do guys know me by now? Today’s post will not be just another outfit post but I am sharing with you 10 things that I think only my husband, my family and closest friends knows about me. So are you guys up for it? 

Okay, here goes:

  1. My family and good old friends calls me La. 
  2. I drive without music in the car. (not a music person really)️
  3. I’m a frustrated interior design, I have 90% input on our house. 
  4. I love cake decorating. I used to accept custom made fondant cake orders when I was still single. I made my own 5 feet tall wedding cake for my big day. πŸ‘°πŸŽ‚ 
  5. I’m married to my schoolmate, next door neighbor (literally), and a family friend… Never imagined we’d end up together, but God destined us to be together. So blessed!πŸ’
  6. Im sucker for everything that’s labeled “organic or 100%Natural”. No to harmful chemicals. πŸ™…πŸ» (I am that crazy person on the supermarket who checks every ingredients on the label before buying them. “No msg” hahha! But if you see me buying some that’s probably for our household help.)
  7. The Kitchen is my least favorite place in the house, I can’t stand the heat. But I love making salads and pasta that’s quick and easy.
  8. I scream, run, jump on a chair or hide under the sheets whenever I see a cockroach. 
  9. I am a control freak.✌️ 
  10. Like most women, I have tons of clothes in my closet that still have their tags hanging, and yet, I always tell hubby I got nothing to wear.

Outfit details: Maxi dress from Zaful (shop it here), Sandals from H&M (similar here), Bag is a gift from Hubby (shop it here), belt from Mango (old, similar here).


So, did I surprise some of you guys? Well, I’m really glad to be able to share with you guys these things about me. Maybe we have something in common, right? Would really love to hear from you, do leave a comment down below. And maybe you guys also have some suggestions on what you like to see me blog next. Challenge me, maybe I’m up for it.

Have a great and happy weekend everyone!

Much Love,

Sheila πŸ’—

2 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Haha, number 8! Lol! Ako din Sheila. Can’t sleep in a room with cockroach. So I always make sure I have a baygon spray or yung famous insect killer na baoma.πŸ˜„ haha

    1. Hahahah! I can’t even dare to kill a single cockroach Fatima! I just runaway from them. And for flying cockroaches, I just hid under a blanket until someone will catch it. Hahahah! I’d die if I’m left alone with a cockroach hahahaha! 🀣🀣🀣

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