My 200 Pesos Ukay-Ukay Outfit Challenge (Part 2) 

So as promised, here are the rest of my “ukay-ukay” (thrifted) haul from last month. In case you miss that one then check out the part one of this blog right here.

Finally got to wear these thrifted outfits last week and I’m so happy with all the looks I was able to come up with. Went totally under budget and pretty much succeeded with flying colors since all of the outfits are under 200 pesos! So let me show now, shall we?

Outfit #3: White slip dress with eyelet hem and lining p75 only ($1.5). Styled it with a belt, sneakers and my favorite Maria Len Hand Painted banig bag and I’m ready to go. 

Outfit #4: White long sleeve top p75, blue cropped pants (still got tags on when I bought it) p50 ($1), total cost p125 ($2.5) only. I really love the  quality of this blouse, it beats the ones you see at the mall. This one is such a good find. 

Outfit #5: Striped skirt p75 ($1.5), white spaghetti dress (worn as top, this is the one from look #1 actually) p75 ($1.5), total for this outfit is p150 ($2.75)

So all in all, I only spend a total of p525 pesos ($10) for all five outfits (that seven pieces of clothing). Now that pretty good right? This “ukay-ukay” experience is really life changing. So if you happen to be reading this now and haven’t tried the “ukay-ukay” shopping experience, go for it for the thrill and just for the fun of it. Or if you really need a new outfit and have only little budget then thrift shopping is definitely a must. There is no shame on it. I love the experience and I think I would probably do it again soon. What do you think? Who wants to go with me? Drop a note down below and I just might go with you. 

On a different note, I really hope our neighbors don’t mind me taking my #OOTD photos outside their houses, gates, and fences. I think I’m already down to half of the houses in our neighborhood. If any of you are reading this, and you don’t like the idea,please put a note outside your houses “No Photos Please” and I’ll be happy to oblige hahahah! Peace out and thank you neighbors.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading guys and enjoy the week ahead!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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