Skinny Coffee Club ( My Honest Review + How I Prepare My Coffee)

I love the smell of coffee in the morning! Don’t you? I have seen a lot of bloggers and people going through weight lost program drinking this Skinny Coffee Club on social media and I really got curious and so I made my own research about the product. The Skinny Coffee Club claims that you’ll visibly look thinner in just one week, now who doesn’t want that. Drinking coffee is already part of my daily habit so it is definitely worth a try right? But first things first, I got to check the ingredients. I always check the ingredients of any product that I take in my body and make sure there are no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients in it. Surprisingly, the Skinny Coffee Club ingredients are all natural and vegan which I listed below for you. You can also find it from their website here.

Skinny Coffee contains just 63mg of caffeine. Less than a traditional cup of coffee.
Skinny Coffee Club Original includes the following ingredients: Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, Garcinia Cambogia, Siberian Ginseng Powder and Spirulina Powder. There are only 6 calories per serving.

So once I checked out that the product was all natural and vegan, I gave it a go when the Skinny Coffee Club asked me if I wanted to try their coffee and start with their 28days program. There was also a foodie guide and exercise plan that came with it which I didn’t follow by the way. Since I already have my own food plan having known all my food allergies and food intolerance (which I still owe you guys to blog about, soon I promised.)

During the first day that I tried it I really thought that it was one of those slimming drinks where you have to go to the bathroom every couple hours but it’s not. I am really not into slimming products coz I find most of the slimming products available in the market today are totally unsafe. I just heard from friends that some of the slimming products makes them go the bathroom very often and cuts on your cravings. But that wasn’t my case here.  Since I love coffee and know that the ingredients are 100% all natural and organic, so I gave this one a try. And because I drink coffee on a regularly basis too so why not.

Just yesterday, I was done with my 1st pack of Skinny Coffee Club 28 days program and so today I am sharing with you my honest review and thoughts about the product. But before we get to the results. Just wanna share with you guys how my routine was for the past 28days. And also show you guys how I prepare it every morning. (If you have seen me preparing it on my IG stories then skip the part.)

28Days with Skinny Coffee Club

So my daily morning routine for the past 28 days was I wake up, drink two glasses of water and then bathroom (Disclaimer: I do my thing in the bathroom regularly, I really don’t have problem in that area. Thank God!) which I normally do prior to the program. Then head downstairs to feed the dogs. Then prepare my cup of Skinny Coffee Club as I show you with photos below on how I prepare it.

I don’t have a french press so I use a dripper cup and coffee filter instead then I got one cup hot water ready and honey (optional).

I take it every morning before breakfast. It was on my fourth day that I noticed my tummy is already less bloated than the usual. And I felt more energized through out the day. So I was really surprise about that.
I exercise once or twice a week so after drinking my coffee it’s either I work out or eat my breakfast after. I normally do Yoga but since the classes isn’t regular, I just recently did cross-fit. I think the coffee is true to it’s claims that it helps in burning fat  fast coz I noticed that I sweat a lot more during work out than before taking the coffee.


The taste is very light. It is recommended that you drink it without cream/milk or sugar and drink it as it. The taste for me is really more like a tea and light coffee combined. It really tastes fine but I like mine with one teaspoon of honey. But if desired they recommend you use almond milk and stevia.

The recommended intake of this coffee is only one cup a day so I take it every morning only.



Yes, I lost five pounds in 28 days but with the help of exercise and a healthy diet (well mine was not too healthy really, coz I have my cheat days once or twice a week, meaning, I ate pasta, ice cream, chocolates, lechon, burgers, chips and processed food).

If you are looking for a product that makes you loose weight without changing your lifestyle or not doing any exercise. Then I think this product is not for you. 

But if you are looking for a product to help you loose weight and burn fat faster while doing exercise and eating healthy, then this product is for you.

I believe there is no short cut to loosing weight. Our body is just not made that way. We really have to work for it and have a healthy lifestyle.

Skinny Coffee Club Claims VS  My Verdict: (Yes or No)

  • Proven To Lose Weight Fast  –   YES (with exercise and healthy diet)
  •  See Visible Results In Just One Week –   YES
  •  Trusted By Over 75,000 People – not sure about this digits
  •  Works Without Exercise –  NO
  •  Improves Complexion and gives Radiant Glow – Perhaps in the long run
  •  Increases Energy Levels  –  YES
  •  Simple, Tasty And Gets Fast Results. – YES
  • Decreased Hunger – NO (or maybe I just love to eat)
  • Increased motivation & energy – YES
  • Reduction of bloating – YES

I am giving it another month so I just ordered my second pack. And will continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet. And we’ll see if there are more changes for the next 28days and tell you more about my experience then. But in all honestly, one thing I love really  about the Skinny Coffee Club is the reduction of bloating and it really does keep you energized through out the day. I owe you guys the truth that’s why I made this review after I finished the program. I hope you all find this post helpful and if you still do have a few questions in mind, leave them down the comment box below.

Stay heathy guys! Thanks so much for reading!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗
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  1. now I feel bad, I had a huge japanese ramen , 2 baos , 1 biggest green tea ice cream last night . and one hour before that I had a tuna sandwich haha 😛

    1. Ahahaha! Well I have my fair share on cheat days! I can’t say no to ramen too. But babe, you are so fit! And I wish I was as tan as you are. I needed this coz I’m heading to the beach next week hahah. Will see about that!

    1. Oh you should try it, it definitely got rid of my bloating. That’s one thing I noticed After just four days. Love to see your review soon. 🤗👍🏻😘

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