Afraid of Heights

One of my biggest fear is heights. My knees literally just shakes and feels weak even by simply riding the escalator.

The longest escalator I hopped into was the escalator in Langham Place Mongkok in Hong Kong. It was three floors high and I was holding hubby’s hands the whole time I was on it and never look down. 

The  reason why I am talking about this now is because on the first photo below, I was actually two floors high shooting for this look coz I thought the place was cool for an ootd up there. But the area was actually too small and my feet won’t literally move around coz it was high so ended up with just one decent shot. Going up the steep stairs was a little easy but going down was such a struggle for me. I literally was like a lizard crawling with my hands and feet coming down the stairs. It was a crazy thing to do just to have great photos, hahaha! 
I just really can’t control the feeling I have with heights, my knees becomes weak and rattles. No matter how hard I try to force myself to go on ledges my feet just wont move, it’s like it has a mind of it’s own. If you are afraid of heights then I bet you know what I am talking about. 

Outfit details: Top from Iziaclothing on Instagram, Skirt from Pinkaholic, Shoes from Girls Haven, Bag from Asyosa (an affiliate of Pinkaholic Clothing, coming soon) or shop this look here. ) 

Ending up shooting this look on the ground. So let’s talk about this outfit for a second shall we? As mentioned from my previous post here that you’ll be seeing more of this color scheme from me and so here it is again. Brown and white outfit that is. What do you think about this look guys? Well, I hope you like it. The top can actually be worn in three ways, so watch out for that, I will be wearing this piece again soon. 

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