Review + Swatch: Allure Cosmetics Lipsticks

I never leave the house without carrying a lipstick inside my purse. I even put an extra lipstick inside the car just incase I forgot to toss one inside my bag. 

In most days, I bring two or three lipsticks with me just so I could change my lip color whenever I feel like doing so. So how do you like your lipstick? Matte or satin finish? Well, I am always torn between the two. Coz some days I go for matte and some days I go for satin, really depends on my mood and my outfit. 

So today I am writing a review for these lipsticks that Allure Cosmetics SG have sent me couple of weeks ago. And I have been wearing them often and even brought the two during my recent trip to Bali (have you seen my Instagram post?). Will blog about that trip soon so stay tuned.

Left to right: Matte in Carnation, Satin in Daisy

First up is the matte liquid lipstick. I have it in Carnation shade. A pinkish shade that I normally go for and totally perfect for daily use. I love the color and that it is very pigmented, plus the scent is very mild and sweet and doesn’t taste funny on your lips.

The only downside for me is that it easily comes off specially when you eat and when you wipe off your mouth. So you need to re apply after meal. Well compared to other matte liquid lipsticks that I tried like Kylie and Caked. It stays on for hours even if you eat. But there is also a good side of this formula coz you can also easily remove it from your lips by just using water. Yes, like it comes off when i rub it with just water. No need to use lipstick remover.

(Wearing Matte in Carnation above)

Second is the satin lipstick in Daisy shade. It’s like a little bright red wine color that goes smoothly on the lips. It is very pigmented as well and I love the satin finish on my lips. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it taste like a berry cough syrup. But if that doesn’t bother you then you should give this one a try. Coz it really does look gorgeous on my lips right?

(Wearing Satin in Daisy above)

All in all I think it is definitely worth your money. It’s very affordable. Retails at $12! And it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. I always check every product ingredients that goes on my body so all the more on my lips. So between the two, I’d go for the matte just because the satin tastes funny. Hmmm.. now I’m thinking of what shade to get next. Go check them out here guys.

Sorry for being MIA on my blog. As you know, if you have been following me on my Instagram, I just recently came back from my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Singapore, and got home in Butuan for barely 48hours and now I’m in Manila writing this blog at the airport getting myself back in the plane again heading home. Not to mention I got sick from my Bali trip that left me no energy to write a blog til now and will tell you more about that on my next blog. So stay tuned guys!

Thanks for reading today’s post and hope you find this review helpful.


Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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