Trending: My Wicker & Basket Bag Collection + Where To Shop Them 

My love for wicker bags or woven bags started way before it became the “IT” bag for 2017. And now my humble collection is slowly growing. My heart always fell for them everytime I see these type of bags. It’s like they are calling my name “Sheila, take me home!” hahahah! I can’t resist not buying one or two everytime I’m at stores selling woven bags. I been wanting to blog about this since early summer but didn’t find the perfect time to shoot and write about it till now. It clearly gave my designer bags in sleeping mode for a quite some time since I have been using these wicker bags a lot lately.

So today I’m showing you guys my humble collection and share with you where I got them so happy browsing or shopping and “you’re welcome!”

My first woven bag is actually from Aranaz, I have always been a fan of their bags. Well I actually had my first Aranaz bag 12 years ago that I regret selling on one of my charity garage sale before. It was this bowling shape woven bag that has gold metallic leather and tassels on it. So now I only have two Aranaz bags, this tote bag with my letter initial embroidered to it and this sling bag. Check out Aranaz here.

And of course you can’t miss my Maria Len Hand Painted banig bags which you seen me carry so many times here on my blog. I just love that every piece of Maria Lens bag is a piece of art, and no two paintings are made alike. Shop Maria Lens hand painted bag here.

These Cult Gaia bamboo basket bags are another favorite of mine, the right one is a gift from my husband. (Shop it here) The left one I got from Accessories4meandmom on Instagram or you can shop it here.

This comic embellished clutch is from Ken Samudio. While this round knit bag is from Holicow in Cebu.

These basket bags below are all from my label Pinkaholic. Shop it here.

And lastly here are more wicker bags from our new baby bag line ASYOSA which is now available online at It’s selling out fast so better grab one while some of these styles are still available.

Outfit details: Dress from Pinkaholic Clothing, Shoes from Annie and Lori (Instagram), Basket from ASYOSA (coming soon), Sunglasses from Linda Farrow (similar here).

I know summer is over and you might be wondering why I’m still obsessed with these bags. Well, it’s summer all year long here in the Philippines and that I just love carrying wicker bags every now and then plus the fact that it goes well with my outfits too. Most of these are proudly Philippine made and I love supporting local products. But watch out for my Bali shopping haul since I got quite a few woven bags from my recent trip and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Wow, it’s the weekend once again so I hope you’ll have an awesome one. Thanks for reading guys and hope you like this post.

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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