Airport Style: What I Wear When Travelling

Finally my first blog post about my recent trip to Bali two weeks ago. Our flight to Bali via Air Asia had a 5 hours layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it was just a perfect time to shoot my airport outfit once we landed in KLIA. For long flights like this trip (four hours from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur and three and half hours from KL to Bali), I love wearing comfy clothes that I can sleep on and can easily move around the plane. So here’s what I wore here, a wide leg pants that feels like a pajama, a bralet, blazer and sneakers. Sneakers is always a good idea when travelling coz you can just kick off your shoes and wear socks once you get seated on the plane. 

Dressing comfy doesn’t have to sacrifice your personal style. For me, style and comfort should go together. And for me this is one my comfiest travel outfit to date for a long haul flight. 

Outfit details: Blazer from Forever21 (shop it here), Bralet from Calvin Klein (Shop it here), Wide leg pants from Seek The Unique (similar here), Sneakers from Nike (Shop it here), Customized Neverful nag from Louis Vuitton (similar here), Luggage and carry on from Rimowa (Shop it here and here).

So to tell about more about our layover in KLIA, here’s a little funny experience. So I was travelling with my best friend Antong and his good friend Jackie and went looking for a grab to eat as soon as we were done with immigration. Ended up eating at Subway, then shoot my #ootd and went inside again for immigration and waited for our flight at the pre-daparture area. Now here’s the thing, once inside the pre-departure area, as most aiports, no bottled water are allowed so I just drank my water up and throw it out. 

We still got two hours till our our flight boards since it got delayed for two hours and so we ate again and I got thirsty and needed to drink water and I couldn’t find a single shop inside selling one. I was asking from one cafes to another and they keep on telling me to drink from the water fountain. But I didn’t want to drink from the fountain so I didn’t gave up looking till I found one who sells by the cup. But the funny thing is, I didn’t had enough Malaysian currency in my pocket to buy like five cups since the cup was so tiny it wouldn’t satisfy my thirst so ended up drinking a little water from the fountain that tasted really funny. I just practically hold my thirst till we got inside the plane to buy a bottled water. 

So there’s my water story. Hahaah! Just a heads up guys hahah. If you are a water drinker like me, don’t go inside the pre daparture area yet if ever your in KLIA or drink up lots of water firsr before going in if you needed to hydrate. Heheh!

Well, that’s it for today guys. Currently in Manila writing this blog while stuck in traffic and there’s a typhoon, so stay safe everyone! More from my Bali trip next. Thanks for reading guys! 

Much Love,

Sheila ๐Ÿ’—

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