Shopping: What To Find in Ubud Market, Bali, Indonesia

First order of business, shopping! As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, that we went shopping at Ubud for our day one in Bali. Ubud Market was one hour drive away from our Villa in Kuta. I had so much fun haggling at the Ubud market and me and my friends had so much laughs together as my bargaining skills were tested once again. Since there are a lot of tourist in the market, the vendors are really pricing their products at ceiling height and you really have to haggle your way through like starting with more than half the price lower until you get the item at half from what the vendor was asking for the least.

You’ll find a lot of “Pasalubong items” in the Ubud and a lot of crafty home decors too. Just browse through the photos below and you’ll be surprise with that one keychain I snap in particular.


These beautiful mosaic coasters were priced at 750,000 Rupiah for 6 pieces and I haggled it from 150,000 rupiah to 250,000 for 7 pieces of it. This was the first item I bought in the market.

There are also a lot of sarong, kaftans and maxi dresses that’s perfect for that resort wear. And cute crochet tops and beach wear dresses. Also the famous wicker bags that Bali is known for can be find inside the market and outside the market at the souvenir shops. You won’t miss those bags hanging along side the streets.

So did you spot the keychain I was telling you about earlier? Hahah! I’ll show you soon my Bali shopping haul on a separate blog post alright? Happy weekend guys!

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