Travel Diary: Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Finally got to share with you guys that day we visited Uluwatu Temple in Bali. It was a long drive from our villa going there which was almost two hours so we have to stopped by for Lunch at Malioboro restaurant for some authentic Balinese cuisine.

Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese sea temple in Uluwatu and one of the go to places in Bali for tourists. We arrived there around two in the afternoon while the sun was beaming and to tell you the truth, I am really not a fan of the sun. I just can’t take so much heat but the view at Uluwatu was so breathtaking because of it’s location that’s on top a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level that it was worth the sweat. “Ulu” means the Top or Tip and “Watu” means a stone or a rock in Balinese.

Our tour driver gave us some pointers before letting us go inside the temple coz there were actually a lot of monkeys roaming around the temple that we should be careful with our cameras, phones and accessories coz the monkeys like to grab and play with them. We actually bump into a couple telling us not to go further a pathway coz there were a lot of monkeys and the guy actually lost his sunglasses over the monkeys. So watch out for those monkeys! Luckily we didn’t encounter one.

Outfit details: Top from Stradivarius (old, similar here), Skirt from Piopio (similar here), Slippers (from a local maker in Butuan), Bag from Pinkaholic (coming soon), Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs (Shop it here), Bohemia Earrings in black from Pinkaholic (shop it here).

With my Bali babes L-R: Vanessa, Markie, Jackie, Me, Antong and Pido


By the end of the tour, I was pretty much drained and fell asleep in the car on the way back and actually got sick and slept early that night (bummer, I know). I think the heat that day was so hot that I got dehydrated somehow, even if I had a couple of bottled water with me. This is why me and the sun are not best friends at all. Hahah!

On the way back to our Villa we actually stopped by at Single Fin which was just near Uluwatu temple and also had quick dinner at La Plancha beach and watched the sunset which I will be showing you guys on my next post. So stay tuned for that okay? Coz it was actually two of the places I love from our trip.

So that’s it for today guys, so who here is not a fan of the sun too? hahaha! If you are into nature tripping then this temple should be on your list if your planning to visit Bali soon. And I think it is best for you guys to go late afternoon during sunset and enjoy that magnificent view. But if you just want to chill and hang out, I suggest you need not to go here and wait for my next post as I’ll show you two of the places I enjoyed in Bali. So hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss out on that post.

Thanks for reading guys and have a great day!

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