Grammatically Incorrect?

Before I started blogging, one of my biggest concerns was that I am not a good writer so how am I suppose to write a blog, to begin with, right? And I must admit, my grammar is never close to perfect or maybe not good at all. I received a comment a few days ago saying “I love your blog but your grammar is terrible”, so I rushed online to read the post and there I found out that I had quite a lot of typos which leads to incorrect grammar.

Well, if you are one of the first few people to read my post within the first two hours from the time I published it then you know this always happens. I always write my blog at the last minute especially when I needed to post it at a particular time frame. Plus having to write my blog using my mobile phone most of the time and then publishing it without carefully proofreading it until later in the day. Well, I am not writing this post to make any excuses but clearly to tell all of you that my grammar is not perfect. And I really do make mistakes, I mean who is? Even the best writers in the world hire editors before publishing their work.

To the person who made that comment, thank you so much! I should really take the time now to proofread all my posts before publishing it. Maybe I can even hire you to do that for me? Right? I’m serious. Email me if you offer that kind of service. I think I need an editor. Seriously! But I hope I can afford your service though.

Anyways, moving on to my look of the day which has nothing to do with today’s topic actually. I wore this outfit a couple of weeks back. I know, I know… I have quite a lot of backlogs. September has been the craziest and busiest month for me. I have been flying in and out of Manila and Butuan several times this month so it was really quite hard for me to keep up with my blog. But I don’t wanna let you guys down so I always make it a point to post atleast two or three new posts each week.

Well, that’s how much I love you guys, that I make the time and effort to post something new every week. Ask my hubby and my best friend, I write my blogs anywhere and anytime during the day. I just simply love blogging and enjoyed doing it even if I really don’t have to do it. I don’t know if that makes any sense but yeah.

Okay, back to the outfit again, this mustard off-shoulder top is actually from my label Pinkaholic Clothing and it is still available in maroon color, here (mustard color got sold out already). I paired it with this fringed hem denim jeans that I got from Zara during last seasons sale (Yay), put on this striped fringed slides from Nino Basilio online and my Holly wicker bag (also from my label, here).

Well, that’s it for today guys. Thanks for reading my sometimes “grammatically incorrect” blog posts. I know it’s not perfect, and I am not perfect. Please drop me a message anytime if you feel like you need to correct me. And for those who just enjoyed browsing through my photos, thank you for always dropping by. I love you all! 

Happy Friday and take care alright!

Much Love,

Sheila 💗

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